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This is really just plain blackmail material …Thank you  Daily Create !!

Weekly Refection #1

There is a lot of information that has been handled during this week, most of it to me was overwhelming at first. But, I got the hang of it as the week progressed. I have learned so much about media and it’s uses. I can’t wait to learn more !!

One of the first question that us students where ask to reflect on was “How well did we feel like we completed the requirements of this week’s assignments”. My smart answer would be not as well as I know I will be able to complete in the future. With these kinda of “Full Blast” running starts I tend to be hesitant (mainly shy) in the first weeks but I always make up for it because I will “come out of my shell” by the second week. I will understand better what the teacher is asking of me and what the teachers motivations are behind what she is trying to teach as a whole. I tried even though I was not feeling to confident to complete them to the best of my understanding. I even attended tutoring a couple of times, those guys are genius especially spencer.

From the following paragraph the reader can probably would gather that there was definitely some form of trouble. I struggled with the language of the instructions to set up a website. Setting up Word Press and understanding what page leads to what other page was confusing. All things aside if you can over come those main things (which by the way are important) then everything else comes easily enough.  I think I enjoyed most using the new photo manipulation program photo flexer. I have always struggled with those kinds of programs, but I overcame my urge to quit with curiosity and determination to persevere so I can be at the very least a simi- pro at manipulation by the end of this course. So far I have learned to manipulate a photo using flexer and I am able to smooth “blemishes” to make them appear none nonexistent or at least smoothed over.

There is not much I would do differently, I hardly regret anything I do. That may sound bad on the surface but I believe that every work that we do is planed by Gods. So every work becomes a beautiful master pieces no matter the out come. I did panic a little and thats why I decided to go to the tutoring center (I still am amazed by how well the tutors helped me) In the next coming week I will again be returning  to the tutoring center because I have a question about links and how to set up websites. Some of the students websites that I saw had links across the top and thats how I want my website to look (My work in progress)

I currently don’t have larger issues surrounding my work. As far as I know I am on the same page with everyone else. (I guess that is left to be determined by the teacher)

Here are some of the assignment that I completed this week

  1. A link to a mutlimodel introduction blog post
  2. Commentary of Customizing your blog and Commentary on Setting Up your Domain and Social media
  3. A link to a reflection about all the material you viewed/read about visuals of storytelling
  4. A link to your Photo Safari
  5. A link to your Photore flection and A link to your reflection on the photo safari
  6.  Links to 3 Daily Creats – Daily Create #1Daily Create #2  and Daily Creation #3
  7. Links to 4 different visual assignment – #1 , #2 , #3 and #4

All these assignments as a whole bring home the message that I am a little rusty on my technology. It also taught me that you can go out of your comfort  zone and just may be you will able to find a new techniques. As I get older I seem to forget that technology races as the speed of light everyday new programs are being created and its time that I go and conquer at least some !!



My Name is Adriel Brooks I am a senior at UMW. I am currently enrolled in the BLS program as a Leadership and Management  major. I really love Chickfila so I guess that means you guys will be seeing a lot of Chickfila related things.

I just would

Youtube Hello and last but not least Just a random picture.





A Pirate Scavenger Hunt for Treasure …… Gallery

A Pirate Scavenger Hunt for Treasure ……

I pretend it was at least …..(This is how I usually write on my blog part of the title becomes the introduction, usually something sassy I think it really shows my personality,my style  and it has become my personal trade mark) In the beginning was Chickfia or rather the “Chicken Hut” as we (me and my co-works) like to call it. God made man to work at the chicken Hut (Thought I would just add a little pun, but thats what it really feels like sometime). Anyway, I chose Chickfila because I knew I could find a lot of different things there. I knew also that if I chose Chickfila it would make homework twice as fun. Chickfila is our home away from home.

Of course Like all Chickfila it became exciting for everyone and everyone was egar to give help.The only thing I needed help with was my camera so I had to get someone to help me find the flash because it is so dark in kitchen. I like how my coworkers support and take an interest in what’s going on at school. I started looking for items after I had clocked off ,people where still rushing around so I kind of tried hard to stay out of their was as much as possible. I found objects easily but it was harder to get to them because I had to pay special attention to not getting in peoples way while they where working. After completing the challenge I felt a lot of relief the project for this week that seemed to be the most time consuming was over but at the same time I hoped more fun like this would come in the near future.

What photo’s where a success? I think they were in there own small way. For me when it comes to art and photography each work in it self is perfect and blemish free. The picture I liked the most though where the Ice Bucket, Have orange juice will spin (The spin off of : Have Spacesuit will Travel), Joy representation and Sweet and Sour (I think I just like that though because it holds so much meaning for me). Sweet and Sour is by far the most inventive and a great representation of what a work like is composed of.

I hope those that are looking on enjoy my work and my first gallery of photo’s !

How to Be a Better Photographer

How to Become a Better Photographer,

I have a basic training in taking pictures since I am an artist taking pictures really comes natural or rather comes with the trade. I grabbed my favorite tip from  TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear  by David duChemin. The tip was “Pay Attention to the Moment”  which comes when we slow down to a ever changing world.

13528594_10157185384880515_3261579944349175230_o   “Lonely Kitten”

This is more of a candid photo,  I  come in on in the early morning. When I came in I saw that the renters had not feed their cat so it was eating a muffin that had been left out by one of the kids that they were babysitting. How did I feel about the picture ? I felt sad and angered by the fact that the kitten once a treasured item in the house hold had been reduced to eating people food when it was suppose to eat and relying on cat food. The cat had been either adopted or taken in as a foster pet by a local company. This seemed be be a common theme in their household that they should take in something “abandon” and then abandon it when they found something they wanted more. Originally, the photo was taken in color but I reverted it to black and white because it lets the person see the situation for what it truly is. I learned that this technic of making a photo black and white makes the story more believable from the article : The Story Behind the Iconic “Migrant Mother” Photograph and How Dorothea Lange Almost Didn’t Take It . True ! she did’t quite say it word for word but she did definitely see how the people in the pea camp where oppressed with hunger and decided to rush a black and white picture to the capitol. The reaction of them sending supplies says it all about black and white photos.  These kinds of photos make for more dramatic scenes. The pureness of the picture of what the photographer is trying to say can be seen better.


Visual Assignments #4 ………Bring Your Pet To School

The Story:

This Visual Assignment Bring Your Pet To School was fun and rewarding. My family and I have a Jack-russell terrier mix she (Emma) is about 5 years old and already showing gray, she is loved by my whole family and definitely a Daddies girl. I am sure she would love campus life….

A Tutorial

I first  had to look for the background  so I googled :  UMW Campus Pictures Free Download and downloaded it to my computer. I then selected a picture from my photo’s of my dog “Emma”. I then used the  “Gleek” button that allow for “smart cutout” (There version of “smart” I guess) to trim the picture of my dog. There is a prompted to help you along in the process. After the process was over I was left with the cut down version of my dog. I had to adjust the size of the picture of my dog to fit the background.

And low and behold….The picture of the time that my dog not so visited campus!

The Picture

FotoFlexer_Bring Your Pet to School

Concusion :

This Visual Assignment Bring Your Pet To School was fun and rewarding. I used Photoflexer to manipulate the dog. Getting use to using Photo flexer is time consuming but in the end you learn a lot about the program in general.

By: Adriel Brooks

Visual Assignments #3 ………Your Very Own Spubble More Like Bubble

The Story:

Create Your Very Own Spubble (View Here). In this assignment I decided to go out on my own and look for the perfect “Bubble Maker”. This picture was taken the day the me and the sister in law decided we where going to be adventurous ..ya! only lasted two seconds !!!

A Tutorial

I did not find the perfect “Bubble Maker” but I did find a phone app that works. I used  Bubble – Speech Bubbles & Photo Editing  Comic Maker adds Text Captions to Pictures for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram By Toto Ventures Inc.  It worked Okay there was not a lot of choice in the size of bubbles and the bubbles where difficult to manipulate. I would use app only in a real pinch, by the way using your iPhone dose not count as cheating I can’t help that is the way the world is going…Can I ?

The Picture


(That is me in the background always having something to say)

Concusion : Don’t do bubbles on your phone I think its a really bad idea. I think creating bubbles are okay for people who know photoshop and own an Ipads. I only think this because it was really tough to manipulate a bubble on a small screen.