Buddy the dolphin was a lovable and dependable dolphin who lived off the coast of California. He was loved by many and at one point he was at the top of the food chain (if you know what I mean).  He was more intelligent then any other dolphin in his pod. He spent his days reading and letting his mind be stimulated but the local masters (the coral reef). His favorite spot was on the beach under a dock, he would go there some days and think of all the adventures he could have. One day while sun bathing he came upon a flyer that had  rolled off the dock it read:

Space camp poster

The  summer camp looked awesome but he wanted a adventure that he would never forget. Little did he know his great big adventure was just around the corner. The very next day when he returned to his favorite spot under the pier he heard a strange conversation coming from a large object.


what was a flydolphin and where could it found ? could this be the ultimate adventure ? Buddy decided to discuss it with his fellow pod members. No matter what Buddy said his pod members seemed to discourage him from taking leave to find this mysterious animal. So  one early morning buddy decided to sneak of with his knapsack. But first he made a midnight run to petco (so he coud have snaksfor somethings for his knapsack). As he existed he notice that Pet co had updated there sign

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.33.28 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.15.17 AM

This sign was not as appealing as it once was at lest that’s what Buddy thought. From Petco he decided it was about time to start his journey.Buddy swam, and swam for hours, after a hours he became discouraged, so he swam and found a shady place to rest. Suddenly, he saw a rectangle-ish white thing floating on top of the water. It was a missing Dolphin poster it had a picture of the mysterious flydolphin on it is that what it looked like?


Buddy looked up at the sky:

the clouds where coming in dark and  gloomy he had to find this flydolphin soon. As he continue on his journey something caught his eye. He turned his head and to his great surprise it was a Flydolphin.  He takes a snapshot of it with his pencil camera  and tried to hurry back to his pod as fast as he could. The storm did eventually catch up with him, just as he was catching up to his pod. As he approached he could see that his pod was frantic.When he did finally caught up then to them  they became calm once again. After the storm Buddy got to tell about his exciting adventure, and how it lead him to be the first mammal to discover a rare mammal. Buddy even drew them a map of his adventures. This adventure proved to Buddy that you don’t have to go away to a camp to find an adventure, but there is always adventure in you own back yard. Also, experience gave Buddy the courage to continue his exploration , and encourage him to continue to be curious about the world around him.







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