How to Be a Better Photographer

How to Become a Better Photographer,

I have a basic training in taking pictures since I am an artist taking pictures really comes natural or rather comes with the trade. I grabbed my favorite tip from  TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear  by David duChemin. The tip was “Pay Attention to the Moment”  which comes when we slow down to a ever changing world.

13528594_10157185384880515_3261579944349175230_o   “Lonely Kitten”

This is more of a candid photo,  I  come in on in the early morning. When I came in I saw that the renters had not feed their cat so it was eating a muffin that had been left out by one of the kids that they were babysitting. How did I feel about the picture ? I felt sad and angered by the fact that the kitten once a treasured item in the house hold had been reduced to eating people food when it was suppose to eat and relying on cat food. The cat had been either adopted or taken in as a foster pet by a local company. This seemed be be a common theme in their household that they should take in something “abandon” and then abandon it when they found something they wanted more. Originally, the photo was taken in color but I reverted it to black and white because it lets the person see the situation for what it truly is. I learned that this technic of making a photo black and white makes the story more believable from the article : The Story Behind the Iconic “Migrant Mother” Photograph and How Dorothea Lange Almost Didn’t Take It . True ! she did’t quite say it word for word but she did definitely see how the people in the pea camp where oppressed with hunger and decided to rush a black and white picture to the capitol. The reaction of them sending supplies says it all about black and white photos.  These kinds of photos make for more dramatic scenes. The pureness of the picture of what the photographer is trying to say can be seen better.


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