Rooting for the home Gif


now that is a situation …I am coming closer to the Idea that the Gif might be like the Home team , an easy win!! I ended up creating 3 total Gifs one for the Assignment  StrereoGif. ( 1 star), and one for today’s Assignment  “It is a Great Day For Sporting GIFs”  (1 star). As a bonus I will attach a GIF that me and spencer (the technology tutor and umw) made it’s a short clip from the music video “About You Now” by Amanda Casgrove.. I really credit my solo Gif to my brain (of course for remembering) and a fellow student by the username   his tip of using  really helped me out a lot …

This is a group of rowers that obviously have to show team work each day. My hats off to them because some times teamwork gets real complicated.

This Gif didn’t work out to well I had trouble embedding it……

I can’t believe it I did it. Victory !! I think I only got it embedded because I know how to read basic code. The  Gif below(at the end of the blog) the code reads :

<img class=”alignnone” src=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ />

Translated in english I want to make and image work but there is no alignment the code of where it is “src” is “then the address” and this is the width and the height. All I did was  delete and insert the basic url that was attached to the src (which was and inserted the other gifs basic address. It can get real complicated when it comes to addressing stuff to the right image of video. This week I had opportunity to work on direct embedding I hope I get extra points for trying. I am glad I at least know basic code it really saved me last time. This is for those time I nearly fell asleep learning Java and other programs



Sometimes you just got to walk away happy… like

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