Crafty font ?

This is not a trick or a treat its just font Last Visual Assignment for the semester. It one of my favorite Assignments its “What A Crappy Font Will Do” (4 stars).

I really like this idea what fonts can do to the meaning of a sign or even a label. For this exercise I used “Petco” as an example of what a crappy font can do.

1. I googled “Petco” and I made sure I was on the “Image” tab

2. I then took clicked on the image and then took a snap shot of it

3. After that I then opened the image on my desktop and uploaded to iphoto so I could crop it.

4. After cropping it I clicked on my microsoft  word document app at the bottom of my screen top open it. I then dragged the picture that was in iphoto into the word document. I then used different fonts .

I am continually impressed with font because fonts are every where in our society. The are one of the icons we look at to show us direction, if these fonts are not correctly placed and at the right font the message is lost.

 Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.33.28 PM

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