Buddy the dolphin was a lovable and dependable dolphin who lived off the coast of California. He was loved by many and at one point he was at the top of the food chain (if you know what I mean).  He was more intelligent then any other dolphin in his pod. He spent his days reading and letting his mind be stimulated but the local masters (the coral reef). His favorite spot was on the beach under a dock, he would go there some days and think of all the adventures he could have. One day while sun bathing he came upon a flyer that had  rolled off the dock it read:

Space camp poster

The  summer camp looked awesome but he wanted a adventure that he would never forget. Little did he know his great big adventure was just around the corner. The very next day when he returned to his favorite spot under the pier he heard a strange conversation coming from a large object.


what was a flydolphin and where could it found ? could this be the ultimate adventure ? Buddy decided to discuss it with his fellow pod members. No matter what Buddy said his pod members seemed to discourage him from taking leave to find this mysterious animal. So  one early morning buddy decided to sneak of with his knapsack. But first he made a midnight run to petco (so he coud have snaksfor somethings for his knapsack). As he existed he notice that Pet co had updated there sign

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.33.28 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.15.17 AM

This sign was not as appealing as it once was at lest that’s what Buddy thought. From Petco he decided it was about time to start his journey.Buddy swam, and swam for hours, after a hours he became discouraged, so he swam and found a shady place to rest. Suddenly, he saw a rectangle-ish white thing floating on top of the water. It was a missing Dolphin poster it had a picture of the mysterious flydolphin on it is that what it looked like?


Buddy looked up at the sky:

the clouds where coming in dark and  gloomy he had to find this flydolphin soon. As he continue on his journey something caught his eye. He turned his head and to his great surprise it was a Flydolphin.  He takes a snapshot of it with his pencil camera  and tried to hurry back to his pod as fast as he could. The storm did eventually catch up with him, just as he was catching up to his pod. As he approached he could see that his pod was frantic.When he did finally caught up then to them  they became calm once again. After the storm Buddy got to tell about his exciting adventure, and how it lead him to be the first mammal to discover a rare mammal. Buddy even drew them a map of his adventures. This adventure proved to Buddy that you don’t have to go away to a camp to find an adventure, but there is always adventure in you own back yard. Also, experience gave Buddy the courage to continue his exploration , and encourage him to continue to be curious about the world around him.







Crafty font ?

This is not a trick or a treat its just font Last Visual Assignment for the semester. It one of my favorite Assignments its “What A Crappy Font Will Do” (4 stars).

I really like this idea what fonts can do to the meaning of a sign or even a label. For this exercise I used “Petco” as an example of what a crappy font can do.

1. I googled “Petco” and I made sure I was on the “Image” tab

2. I then took clicked on the image and then took a snap shot of it

3. After that I then opened the image on my desktop and uploaded to iphoto so I could crop it.

4. After cropping it I clicked on my microsoft  word document app at the bottom of my screen top open it. I then dragged the picture that was in iphoto into the word document. I then used different fonts .

I am continually impressed with font because fonts are every where in our society. The are one of the icons we look at to show us direction, if these fonts are not correctly placed and at the right font the message is lost.

 Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.33.28 PM


I definitely feel like I am  wanted …not in a good way either

I am so glad this is my next to last assignment. It is from the Design Assignments, Missing Person assignment (4 stars). This took more time then I thought it would my biggest hold up was trying to find how to convert a “pdf” to a “jpg”. To start the project I had to create the “Flydolphin” picture then I created the poster (so essentially this project was  two parts.

Part 1

  1.  The first step I did was google a “Dolphin” photo and downloaded it to my computer  also googled “Fish fins” and downloaded a picture of “fins” to my computer
  2. I then opened I photo and uploaded the “Dolphin” picture and the “Fish” picture and cropped them.
  3. I moved the cropped version of the pictures to my desktop so I could access them.
  4. I opened photoflexer and uploaded the Dolphin picture by pressing “Upload”
  5.   I then uploaded the picture of the “Fish” by using the following steps “Load another photo>  Upload>open”
  6. Once the “Fish” was uploaded I went through the process of cropping it for its wings. I did this by the following steps pressing Gleek>Smart Cut then I followed the prompt. It asked the user to color in the place that the user wanted to keep. Then it asked the user to color in the places that the user did not want to keep. Then after that the user pressed “okay” if they were satisfied. I adjusted the wings and then saved the image to my computer.

Part 2

1. I then opened Microsoft word  by clicking on the icon (at the bottom of my screen). I then selected a “Blank” sheet.

2.  I then typed the following ” WANTED “Fly Dolphin”….Last Seen: 03/27/1996   Species: Mammals   Height: 6’ 6”   Weight: N/A  ….If Spotted Please Call “The Natural Wild Life Society”540-780-9990 USE CAUTION WHEN APPROACHING THIS ANIMAL MAY BE DANGEROUS.

3. I first saved it as a “docx” extension  then as a “Pdf” then I remembered it could only be a “jpg” file so I had to open gimp and save it as “jpg” extension. every where

Another pain staking attempt to prove to myself that I am a “GIF” master. It is really proper that I did this assignment because it is currently raining. This assignment GIF The Weather, Man!!

(4 stars)I almost gave up on but I continued to persevered. There is not a lot of pictures this time because I had a hard time remembering and doing this project as it is. These four star projects are definitely keeping on my feet.I used this project to add on to my story about an dolphin having an adventure searching for a rare animal.

  1. So I started this project by first selecting a youtube video that had weather in it. looking was really hard because “weather”  and “storm” are in so many song titles. I think the phrase the worked the best was “Video of storm’s” (I am not even sure how I managed to find the perfect Youtube video)

This is the one I selected to use from Youtube:

2.I then proceeded to download the video to my computer. I had to go though the process by first putting the “pwn” in front of the   “http://www.” and the “” in the address at the top of the webpage(I had to call the tutoring center because I had forgotten the three letter word). I decided to favorite the website  (that is the website the phrase “pwn” leads to) so I could use it afterwards if I wanted to. Finding the proper link that would download properly was a challenge. I finally found one and downloaded it to my computer.

3. The next step was to convert the downloaded file to an actual Gif. I used the website to convert it. I tried immediately to uploaded going to the website “” the clicking on the “Video to Gif” tab. When you get there you have then select the “video”and then press “upload”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.34.25 PM

The first time I got an error message saying “Image is to large” (it is then I realized I had to make the video a little more compact).

4. I opened imove so I could edit the video, I dropped the video into imovie instead of uploading it by searching for files. When the movie was fully loaded a selected the slides I wanted to delete and pressed  “Delete” on my keyboard. (I had to repeat steps 3 and 4 a couple of times until I got the right length)

5. After the video was converted I uploaded it to Imgur.

How come it always sounds so easy on paper, I think this was the hardest GIF so far. I think that it was also harder for me because I had not gone through the process of making one and I had forgotten what I was taught. I am really glad thought that I booked marked the websites “” and “” so I can speed up the process a little more next time.


I can hear the beats….

For todays audio assignment (4 stars)I created a commercial for the radio. I created this for my final assignment. So far created 5 (4 star) assignments is pretty rough, but I have managed to weave a better story because of it.

To start this project  by going to  Freesound and searching using the word “Beats”. I was looking for a beat just to be my voice to so it would really sound like a commercial. When I got to the web page with the beats on it I listened to a few but picked the best one off that page. I then downloaded the beat to my computer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.10.35 AM

Then I opened the application Audacity (as you can see I have been working very hard on taking pictures of the steps I go though for previous projects)

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.11.04 AM

To get the sound imported to Audacity I went through the process of open> then searching for the file to upload it to Audacity.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.12.58 AM Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.13.28 AM

As soon as I hit the open button it was imported to the application. After that beat was imported i started the process of adding my voice. In this application to record a voice all you have to do is press record so I did that. I then figured out that it was probably better if I planed out what I had to say. So, on an envelope I first wrote “Come share in an adventure of a life time as we discover under the sea creatures of habit new discoveries such as the fly-dolphin and other rare mammals all at the Baltimore Aquarium for more info call 582-88-9234. I then tired again to record my voice so that it would end by the end of the beat but it did’t work, I tired just trying to speed up my talking that did’t work either. I was forced then to shorten what I was saying  I took out useless phrases like “Come Share”  and “of habit” I then added “Come have a” to the beginning. This actually worked better even though I still had to say it quickly. Finally, it worked and I was able to move on to the next step of saving the file and uploading it up to sound cloud. Saving the project was easy I went to the drop do File>Save As and then used the prompt.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.33.24 AM

After saving it to my computer I uploaded to Sound Cloud. I then found out that I had the wrong file extension because I had trouble uploading it so I pulled the Audacity program back up and the I pressed file>Export  and exported it to a mp3. Then I repeated the upload process on Sound Cloud

.Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.36.39 AM(I could tell I did’t something wrong because this appeared on sound cloud)

This project really does’t hold any meaning really. It belongs to my story about a flydolphin, the only thoughts about this is that I probably need to be more careful about the mistakes I make. Mistakes can cost time which is precious especially when your trying to get a project done on time.


Creating Camp Poster

I this visual assignment Creating Camp Posters  (4 stars) I learned how to take poster making to the next level. This poster is special because I am created for my story. First I googled “space” pictures using google.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.02.22 PM

I then took a screenshot and of the image, and opened it into iphoto so I could crop it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.05.19 PM

After cropping it ,


I opened up “Gimp” so I can edit and put the font on the poster. The end result was this stunning picture. This picture is going to be for my story buddy the dolphin fines a flyer at the dock one day and he decides that he really wants a great adventure that is unordinary.

Space camp poster

How To….

I don’t care what people say about me I am always going be nervous around camera’s but who is not? This Video Assignment takes me on an adventure of how to make a How To video (4 1/2)  (very proud of myself because I am keeping up the  “4”‘s this week)

To produce this video I first did a little research on how to make a video on a mac computer (so embarrassing but some times you just need a little reminder). This is the video I watched:

As it came back to me I then researched “how to” tutorial’s to get an idea of what they were like . So I again searched on youtube for video’s below is a video of “How To Make A YouTube Video”. One of my concerns was that my video would have to have music in it, I guess it is not necessarily true.

So I took what I learned from those two videos and began to make my own. I opened up photo booth the video said to switch the photo mood to video mode which was easy because it was near the photo button. (See below)


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.30.08 PM


Next step to record in photo booth is to hit the red button ( see above the one that looks like a video camera). It usually the goes through a three step timer and then it starts recording.  I then attempted to upload my video to Vimeo, I logged on using my facebook credentials. Well I guess I can say I have had experiences of all experience I had to “Wait in Line” to get my video uploaded on Vimeo (see below):

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.44.49 PM

After 10 min the video finally appeared.

Movie on 7-14-16 at 1.00 PM from Adriel Brooks on Vimeo.


I do..what I do

Another great  Video Assignment this comes from the assignment  What Do You Do? this is worth (4 starts). My thinking is that it should be rated about 3 stars but that is just my personal opinion. I guess this is where I tell the story about what I do everyday, I actually think this is what every hopefully dose everyday, they take a shower !!

How did I make the video? well, I used my iphone to video record because it is portable .  I went into my bathroom and the first thing I did was see what 8 sec felt like. So I went into video mode on my phone then the I pressed the record button. I then restaged what I wanted in the video so it would actually look the way I wanted it to. Since I used my phone I was able to access the video through icloud. So I downloaded the video to my computer and I was able to uploaded it to youtube. To uploaded to youtube I had to open youtube in Google. Then I pressed the “upload”  button which is located in the right hand corner. Then I selected the video and dragged it to the open space that read ” Upload video”. I did reset some of the settings as I was saving it like for instance the category in which it was place into  or “What Kind” of video it is.

This is really my most favorite part of the day it either signifies the beginning of the day or a fresh start to a new one. I am so glad that I painted my nails before this one it makes the look like I have really nice feet.

Sick Beat

Just trying to have fun with this project Audio Assignments Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper (4 stars) trying to challenge my self while having fun.

* My main objective for this project whether I finish or fail to finish this project is to learn more about using Audacity, learn how to manipulate sound and challenge myself.

I am not even sure I did this one right but is there any “Right” way have to have an introduction:

But this is how I did it:

  1.  Open Audacity (by clicking the short cut, it will end up looking like this when you open it up)

2 . To Add a sound  go to the bar very top of the “Green” bar where their of options such as File, View ect. Select  “File” then “open” for the first sound.

3. To add a second sound go to the very top menu bar and select  File >Import> Audio (this I repeated several times)

The result: Fantastic (of course)

I am really disappointed that I did’t really get to use this but I think that is is worthy to be noted:

I like this because there is a lot of little sounds making up a big group of sounds. No one sound is perfect but together they make up one good sound.

In this assignment I wish I would have been able to successfully been able to fad the sound in and out. From the looks of the sound wave I did’t get it quite right. I think the main problem was when I selected the section that I wanted to fade in on it selected such a big chunk of it. When I went to do the fade out it would not preform the action. I just want the reader to know every time that I write about something that was holding me back from the projects true potential  that I did try several times before calling it quits. This project to me about 2 to 3 hours, I think I spent most of the time looking for sounds that would work together well. How do people find the perfect sound to mesh together anyway? I guess you would have to have some kind of musical genius. For this project as a side story I almost used the Media Editing lab and Vocal booth at the University of MaryWashington but when I got to the room someone was already using it. If we continue with the subject of Audio I would like to discover if there is any useful equipment that can be used.




Tell Us A Story Of The Wild West

Here is a story that does not leave room for imagination. Stories of the Wild West are ones of bravery and courage this is what it might be like to be during the time of the Pony Express…

Please excesses the lack of no how in this one this is my first time trying  Audacity so far it took me two hours just to learn how to do this small clip that is  suppose to be 60 seconds. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of time to take in-depth pictures but I was able to snag a few hopefully when I write I will accurately provide a description. This was a suggested Audio Assignment  (3 1/2 stars) !!!

So, the first thing I did was download Audacity to my mac book pro. This was simple all I did was follow the link the teacher had provided: . When I directed to the website I got a little freaked out because the website looks like a website that would download spam to a computer later I learned (from the Tutor) that most of the audio websites that are used for classes are just outdated. After downloading Audacity which was difficult because the prompt said to put the Audacity shortcut into the “Applications” folder on the computer and I had a hard time finding that. But, in the end I ended up finding the “Applications” folder by using the spyglass on my top bar (I call it finder but I am not sure what it is ). In addition to downloading Audacity I had to download a plug-in that would allow my files to be turned into MP3’S. The link to the download is “Here” this website look outdated to. Why don’t people bother to update their websites? I then tried to down load the third applications for sound recommend by our teacher and it looked like a terrible website so I decided then to go get help from  the tutoring center. The website by the way that I was trying to download was called FreeSound. With the tutor I created an account and then I had to activated the account using my yahoo email address. Using FreeSound is easy all you have to do to search for a song is to log into your account and then type what sound you want in the search box that is clearly marked. With instruction from the tutor I was able to go back and create my own work. Here are some of the steps you need to know to upload and create audio on Audacity:


  1.  Open Audacity (by clicking the short cut, it will end up looking like this when you open it up)


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.22.24 AM

2 . To Add a sound  go to the bar very top of the “Green” bar where their of options such as File, View ect. Select  “File” then “open” for the first sound.

3. To add a second sound go to the very top menu bar and select  File >Import> Audio (this I repeated several times)

(A screen shot I took during the process of making the audio)

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.24.31 PM


Even though the process is simple once I got the sounds imported I had to cut them and make sure that when one track ended another began again. I had a hard time figuring out how to cut a section and put it exactly where is should be. I wish I could have learned if it was possible switch tracks because I spent a lot of time deleting tracks because I didn’t want them in that order. Needless to say I had to delete all the sound that I had and began again from scratch. The one thing that I would do different for this project if I could go back and redo it would be to make the sounds that I imported longer or have a longer story to tell. I think the most neat thing about this project is I got to see what sound looks like. When I was  looking for sound of FreeSound I got really good at being able to look at the sound on the main page with out hearing it and realizing if it was what I needed or not.

The story I wanted to tell using sounds is the story of the Wild West during the period of the Pony Express. I think it is important that the Pony Express gets remembered because its was America’s First postoffice route. Men (most likely) who participate in the route had to be brave because their was a lot of danger and their lives were at risk every time they got on a horse to ride. People tend to forget about the small events that have occurred in our history.