Getting Fit with Dragons…

No one ever said that being born as a dragon is easy….Accept for Daenerys Targaryen. So my advice ? get fit as fast as you can:

This is my favorite one from this week I learned that people actual can print out a youtube video (who would have guessed). I am probably going to be doing this a lot because I like the way it looks. It kinda looks like wallpaper that a person would download from the internet. I picked Daenerys Targaryen youtube video in honor of “Game of Thrones” coming back on (she is my favorite character if you have not guessed). The process I used was I went to the website Digital Inspirations, it basically had the person attache a  widget like thing that said “Print YouTube Video”. Once it was attached to the favorites  I was able to go to the youtube video of my choice. I then pressed the button and it came out as a print.

Family of Carrot People

This is really just plain blackmail material …Thank you  Daily Create !!