I  guess this is it, the last post for ds106. I feel that I have been tremendously blessed to have taken this class and blessed with such knowledge for the future.


This week the “Gif” was pretty challenging because I had forgotten most of the steps that it takes to create one. I had assistance from the Digital Knowledge Center, and was pleased that I didn’t have to drive all the way to campus to get help. All I did was call the Hurley Convergence Center number which is 540-654-1150 and asked to be transferred to the Digital Knowledge Center. Being able to have access to the Digital Knowledge Center has made a huge difference for me actually passing or failing the class. The tutors are world class!  When I went to them for the first time my head was spinning and everything was confusing.  The tutor I worked with was calm and clear headed and seemed to have knowledge of the assignments. He explained clearly and spurred my confidence that I would surely make it through the class.

In this class I learned a lot about myself.  I can actually follow directions for a project. Most of the time I just need to have enough patience with myself and the project. I discovered that there are multiple types of media that I can use, I should’t limit myself to one hosting site or just one program to record. Having so many options can lead to better pieces of art or media, where one program lacks another program may fill in.  Also, learning to “Read” movies in detail seemed like a good take away because now I have a full understanding what to look for in videos and how to control views, emotions and create symbolism for a perfect touch. If I have to create a video for school or just for fun I understand how to get the best results so my cinematography displays the knowledge and understanding that I have learned in this class. From my perspective, the more I study (of Digital learning ) the better I will be. Not all art is perfect and a great example is when (not to long ago) I created  a radio bumper. (see below for Assignment Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper)

I thought it was one of my most horrible creations, but Tyler Gimple replied: Interesting radio bumper. The attention to detail used in this bumper is impressive. Good work for working at it for 2+ hours!  I am convinced I can walk away and rest assured that I have increased my skill sets from this class. I wish I could have had the opportunity ( time wise) to take the 16 week class.





You summary page should be a link to your tutorials and to your final story and a reflections on everything you learned this semester.

Learn that’s what we do…

I gained a lot of skill this week never in my life have I attempted to be a Dj of sorts or just play around with music. Learning the software Audacity was a big take away for me in all my years of being an artist I had never taken the time to be creative with music or rather just sound. I thought it was neat how you are able to stack one sound on top of the other or attach one sound to another and make one long running one. I also didn’t know that there was a website that people could find different sounds. Just goes to prove that even when you thought that you had learned all you can learn there is more to be learned.

I guess I am suppose to know which blog this came from just another instance of me not paying attention. This was really helpful but I really did’t get the results that I was looking for.


For the most part I was met with a lot of success and I really don’t have any complaints. I am just wondering what I did wrong because I did visit other peoples sites and I think I have an interesting blog. I guess my real question would be how many people are “actually” (actually being the key word) participating in the class. It seems to me like a whole lot of people signed up for this class but are not actually participating. Which makes my job a lot harder, but it might just be me too. Maybe someone will comment and I will get an answer!!

I think the work this week has been very manageable I am not sure I guess till I get my grade for this week. I think I have made progress in my writing so I am very thankful I went from not writing on the Daily Creates to writing descriptions I am pretty proud of myself.

Design Bust to Design Blitz

And I am back again to turn what seems like a Design Bust to a Design Blitz. This time I get to upload the photos so that will help some with turning this silver project into gold. Incase the reader did not pick it up in the last post the elements of design where Typography, Color, Metaphors/Symbols and Proportion. These if you have not guess are the elements that I think are most important the whole design process.


wow, this is a huge photo I guess that means that this will be in fact the longest post this week so far. So this is the “Exit” sign that I took a picture of at MaryWashington College.  The sign is probably plastic and the color blue with white text this represents the element Typography. My best guess in the font my be closer to New Times Roman because it is so strait and that’s what New Times Roman is a strait kind of font. I think this sign was very well planned as far as the font and the coloring go. The font is effective because it is strait and can be clearly understood it helps the important message of an escape route to be clearly marked. If this was in any other font the person who is looking for an escape route would have a hard time reading quickly. Another element to consider that make the message clear to is that the type itself it is in all in capital letters this also helps with the visibility.


I think Colors are one of the most  important  elements of design , colors are able to  communicates how the author or creator is feeling. When there are bright colors the author is intending for a mood set toward happiness. If the colors are dark or pastel the author is trying to communicate a somber mood or occasion. In these pictures I was trying to capture just the basic primary colors, no meaning just the basics  origin of all colors.



These colors are so effective only because they are primary colors and those are the colors that our eyes catch easily. If they where any other colors our eyes would easily miss them or get them confused. I like to how the company actually thought about  what would be easy for the employee. This makes cuts down on our mistakes and makes service fast.


Finding a metaphors/symbols was harder for me because I had to find actual meaning in the picture I was taking. These were taken on campus (University of MayWashington). I personally found meaning and I am sure to that other people can related to this picture as well. I find that this was a true metaphors/symbols because the light for was evoking.  I capture the brightness at the 


the beginning which as the pathway continues the reader can see that it darkens and then further away it is light. That I think anyway is the greatest life metaphors/symbol. I also took not that metaphors/symbol could be in the form of logos to (so there are essentially two types of metaphors/symbol). As you can see below when I was at target there where letting there signs speak for themselves and replace actual words. Which are only effective because they are in bright colors and in places (at the store) where they can be seen.


This is a bonus picture I was not going to add this until my dialogue actually took me in the actual direction as if this picture was meant to be in this blog. Anyway, it was a sign and it read “Only at (the target sign).com.


Proprotion seems to be important mostly to the sale’s industry is important to design to? Yes, as a matter of fact it does these picture below demonstrate how proportion effect the way we view something. For instance, as you can see these are vacuums when something is put in front our senses tell us that this object is more important than the others. Proportion creates a sense of scale and depth to objects. 


Also, the picture below gives us the idea that using proportion can gives a feeling of having the best thing first.  Having the ability to have a choice of where the eye is focused is a powerful tool and element of proportion.





















Design Blitz

Tackling the Design Blitz was a no brainer and least that is what I try to tell myself. I think that finding the pictures where easy enough but writing about it is always going to be the tougher part of the job. I did’t take very many pictures so it dose not end up being a very exciting story, my adventure to me to three different places. University of MaryWashington was my first target on my list to hit I was looking at that time  for any type of Typography. After searching and looking around  at store signs I gathered that  basically stores either display some form of cursive writing or font that looks similar to  Times New Roman font. I only took a picture of the font that looks like it is in New Times Roman. I also while I was at the college took pictures that might represent metaphors (I really think that any object has real potential to be a metaphor).  Next my adventure to me to my work place where I discovered something really awesome. I discovered that the cups that we use for table makers where in the primary colors and their complementary colors (I mean the colors that if you put two of the primary color produce, I think that you call them complementary colors). I realized then why I liked being a server(the person that has to find the markers to deliver the food) and it came so easy to me it was  because calls out the artist in me  and I can see the colors for what they really are. I thought that was the greatest find of all in this Blitz and it  makes me feel smart because I was able to find something smart that the company had done to make our jobs a lot easier. Next I dropped in target there I found more symbols and metaphors on a anniversary card and a Target symbol . I am not sure if the card count because it is a card but it dose a slice of toast and a stick of butter symbolizing something. I was not sure if these where some of the things the instructions instructed us to look for or not. This might at the moment seem like a design bust but it is the real thing, I cant wait in the next post to show how effective the cups work because they are the primary colors…..Stay tuned

Graphic Design Pre-Internet error

I read an article by Massimo Vignell was called  The Vignelli Canon . Let me just says that this article was really down my ally. The teach said to give no quotes but it is so hard say anything without quoting true words of a real artist. She also said that only some of information is not relevant but I so absolutely not , every word that he said was relevant. As I was reading it I gathered information that I had either forgotten about Graphic Design, just not understood about design or not known.

The Vignelli Cannon

Massimo Vignell made a great connections for me personally in this article, he connected me to the true meaning of Design. He started out talking about what real art is because very few people understand that concept. He declared that he had always thought of it as a form of communication where by everybody could understand the meaning of art conveyed. Massimo goes on to interpolate what the word “Design” really means in relationship to the word “Graphic Design”. The interpolation was that it is a discipline that controls phrases and articulations of a language (consistency is important and plays a major roll). It cant take on many meanings but in this instance it would have to do with graphics which includes all of the follow and more, typefaces, text illustrations, ect. He goes on to talk about element that are necessary to keep communication open. Suggestion to keep communication of art as follows clear and concise, disciplined ( consistent), and appropriate (relevant). In this way Graphic Design is kept for being ambiguous. Graphic Design can be displayed (have meaning) in  all kinds of ways  from powerful to timeless. There is also a certain responsibility that comes along with Design when we are creating if for clients and the work of art itself (I think this goes without saying). I thought it was interesting that even there is a responsibility to protect the integrity and the originality of a design. In the end everything is taken into consideration to bring for a more clear communicative  form or art whether it be a website or just a work of art. Every elements has its part to play.

Additional Thoughts

I think I have left a lot out about myself, I original was a Art major and for a time. I eventually Crossed over to Graphic Design major after I was  not be able to find a job in that field I crossed again over to an Information System major. Over the years I have  seen the magnificent work of design in a variety of fields. This commentary on Graphic design has changed my view on art and how we define it. I really had no idea that Design itself was a language so I think it is safe to say that


Weekly Refection #1

There is a lot of information that has been handled during this week, most of it to me was overwhelming at first. But, I got the hang of it as the week progressed. I have learned so much about media and it’s uses. I can’t wait to learn more !!

One of the first question that us students where ask to reflect on was “How well did we feel like we completed the requirements of this week’s assignments”. My smart answer would be not as well as I know I will be able to complete in the future. With these kinda of “Full Blast” running starts I tend to be hesitant (mainly shy) in the first weeks but I always make up for it because I will “come out of my shell” by the second week. I will understand better what the teacher is asking of me and what the teachers motivations are behind what she is trying to teach as a whole. I tried even though I was not feeling to confident to complete them to the best of my understanding. I even attended tutoring a couple of times, those guys are genius especially spencer.

From the following paragraph the reader can probably would gather that there was definitely some form of trouble. I struggled with the language of the instructions to set up a website. Setting up Word Press and understanding what page leads to what other page was confusing. All things aside if you can over come those main things (which by the way are important) then everything else comes easily enough.  I think I enjoyed most using the new photo manipulation program photo flexer. I have always struggled with those kinds of programs, but I overcame my urge to quit with curiosity and determination to persevere so I can be at the very least a simi- pro at manipulation by the end of this course. So far I have learned to manipulate a photo using flexer and I am able to smooth “blemishes” to make them appear none nonexistent or at least smoothed over.

There is not much I would do differently, I hardly regret anything I do. That may sound bad on the surface but I believe that every work that we do is planed by Gods. So every work becomes a beautiful master pieces no matter the out come. I did panic a little and thats why I decided to go to the tutoring center (I still am amazed by how well the tutors helped me) In the next coming week I will again be returning  to the tutoring center because I have a question about links and how to set up websites. Some of the students websites that I saw had links across the top and thats how I want my website to look (My work in progress)

I currently don’t have larger issues surrounding my work. As far as I know I am on the same page with everyone else. (I guess that is left to be determined by the teacher)

Here are some of the assignment that I completed this week

  1. A link to a mutlimodel introduction blog post
  2. Commentary of Customizing your blog and Commentary on Setting Up your Domain and Social media
  3. A link to a reflection about all the material you viewed/read about visuals of storytelling
  4. A link to your Photo Safari
  5. A link to your Photore flection and A link to your reflection on the photo safari
  6.  Links to 3 Daily Creats – Daily Create #1Daily Create #2  and Daily Creation #3
  7. Links to 4 different visual assignment – #1 , #2 , #3 and #4

All these assignments as a whole bring home the message that I am a little rusty on my technology. It also taught me that you can go out of your comfort  zone and just may be you will able to find a new techniques. As I get older I seem to forget that technology races as the speed of light everyday new programs are being created and its time that I go and conquer at least some !!



My Name is Adriel Brooks I am a senior at UMW. I am currently enrolled in the BLS program as a Leadership and Management  major. I really love Chickfila so I guess that means you guys will be seeing a lot of Chickfila related things.

I just would

Youtube Hello and last but not least Just a random picture.





A Pirate Scavenger Hunt for Treasure …… Gallery

A Pirate Scavenger Hunt for Treasure ……

I pretend it was at least …..(This is how I usually write on my blog part of the title becomes the introduction, usually something sassy I think it really shows my personality,my style  and it has become my personal trade mark) In the beginning was Chickfia or rather the “Chicken Hut” as we (me and my co-works) like to call it. God made man to work at the chicken Hut (Thought I would just add a little pun, but thats what it really feels like sometime). Anyway, I chose Chickfila because I knew I could find a lot of different things there. I knew also that if I chose Chickfila it would make homework twice as fun. Chickfila is our home away from home.

Of course Like all Chickfila it became exciting for everyone and everyone was egar to give help.The only thing I needed help with was my camera so I had to get someone to help me find the flash because it is so dark in kitchen. I like how my coworkers support and take an interest in what’s going on at school. I started looking for items after I had clocked off ,people where still rushing around so I kind of tried hard to stay out of their was as much as possible. I found objects easily but it was harder to get to them because I had to pay special attention to not getting in peoples way while they where working. After completing the challenge I felt a lot of relief the project for this week that seemed to be the most time consuming was over but at the same time I hoped more fun like this would come in the near future.

What photo’s where a success? I think they were in there own small way. For me when it comes to art and photography each work in it self is perfect and blemish free. The picture I liked the most though where the Ice Bucket, Have orange juice will spin (The spin off of : Have Spacesuit will Travel), Joy representation and Sweet and Sour (I think I just like that though because it holds so much meaning for me). Sweet and Sour is by far the most inventive and a great representation of what a work like is composed of.

I hope those that are looking on enjoy my work and my first gallery of photo’s !



My Name is Adriel Brooks I am a senior at UMW. I am currently enrolled in the BLS program as a Leadership and Management  major. I really love Chickfila so I guess that means you guys will be seeing a lot of Chickfila related things.

I just would……..

This is just a sneak peak of what it is like to be in my line of work