Audio At A Glance

Audio at a glance man I am really sad this week is over I am so excited to try my hand at a different type of   media. I really like learning from Ira Glass it really opened my eyes another’s artistic talent, I have the option to be artistic over the air. This opened my eyes to the realization that there is more than one way to express yourself. I personally have only tired writing, drawing (everything that goes with drawing, pastels, ect.), panting and computer graphics/ deign. I think this goes in the category with writing and expression, thinking back on my degree I should have chosen something in the artistic field and I would have come in contact with audio sooner.

Side story, when I was younger audio, and the recording studio was a novelty I always thought whoever was recoding had be rich and famous. I thought is because my favorite cousin use to record and I thought some day he would be a famous rapper thus he must be rich (obviously I know better now).

I felt like I did exceptionally well this week considering I had to figure how to use Audacity. The work seemed a little light. I tried to achieve higher stars this week as I did last week in the Assignments. Why do less when you can do more? (or at lest try to more). Another favorite part of this week is listening to the radio stories I felt like most of them were cheezie but they were accurate. Like for instance, “The Truth” podcast about fine ding even though it was cheezie and not a complete story ( to say the least) it had a really solid and very understandable meaning. The meaning of the podcast was fine dining is a privilege, it’s about accommodating for people and serving to their needs instead of catering to our own/your wants. Its about self less service and expecting nothing in return and don’t forget the most important, everyone has a story (Can’t tell that I am sold out to Chickfila at all can you?).  The next radio show that I attached meaning to was the one called “Its going to change your life” I got a good laugh out of it because the one trainee mentions that he had  worked at Chick-fil-a  ya! I think I will leave that to the readers imagination.

I think that the only thing I struggled on is the audio assignments, nothing to be alarmed about or points taken off. It was that I am not experienced enough with the software to turn out perfect work. I enjoyed everything I did this week even though the assignments took me a little longer then most of the work dose not me a hated don the work or would do anything different. I think the only real question that I have is will we be using audio again it was a pretty fun week.

This week goal wise I accomplished all I set out to accomplish. I talked to the tutor about the links and she explained that they probably got there links to look like that ( at the far top of the page and across horizontally) because came with the layout. Needless, to say I was disappointed I really liked that look because it made the blog look a little neater then mine. The writing portion goal that I was talking about last time I blogged all I did was listen to the advice Ira Glass gave and I also asked the tutor about it. Her advice write, write, write and explain in depth. She told me she had never taken the class but had had experience in other classes. So, I improved my daily creates by a paragraph but lets instead of one I think I will force myself to do two paragraphs. As a side note though what is there to write about a daily create anyway? I usually do the media ( I use), how I felt about it and which I thought was the best one out of everyone and why I liked it. Any thoughts? While I am on the subject of daily creates another favorite of mine is when we had to recreate a picture from out childhood. I was disappointed that I was not able to go the original place the picture was taken (Which was in Stafford) since those daily creates are only up until 12pm at night. But, it was funny I had the original pants and sweatshirts. The funny thing was I was getting ready to take them to a second hand shop but life happened!! The glasses on the other hand those I broke years ago, the only thing that frustrated me about this assignment was that I could not really find picture of me that I could recreate. In fact I think I only had one with me and thats of my grandmother and my sister and me. Wow, I guess I should have put this down with the assigned daily create, oh well I guess better late then never.

Forgive me but I had to look up Cultural/Social implications surrounding my work (I guess it is a good day as any to answer the question) there is actually some this time ya!ya! this class has really had an impact on my world and how I view it, so far it has challenged me to go out side of my box and try new things. There is so much in this world that people are sacred to try because they feel that there not capable of doing it or just don’t find the time to try. I can point the finger at so many people and say this and that about them but am I challenging myself enough? I am going to far? I think that far is not far enough you have to go further then far to be the best. I did’t chose the school like to please other people but I chose it because I wanted to learn something new so I can go out and either explore it further or share it with others. I am glad I have an opportunity to learn and to be exposed to this form of media.