Daily Create #2

The Way I Walk Not as much as I wanted to do but I used two forms of media Youtube and my Iphone. I used my Iphone to take the movie and youtube to host it. Any other suggestions on how to upload this video and add music to  to the video?

2 thoughts on “Daily Create #2

  1. Adriel,
    I also shot my video with an iPhone. I uploaded it to my PC, imported it into Windows Movie Maker and added some titles and music. I then saved the video as a WMV. Side note – the car flipping at the end was done with Action Movie FX, a free app for your iPhone! :o)
    Here is my finished project:

    • Wow, that was really good the song a excellent finishing touch.Do have experience with macs? I guess I forgot to add that..did you add the car in the movie maker too?

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