Picture Perfect

This is Todays Daily Create: Show Your Shadow

This was just something simple I did while on campus. I have been spending a lot of time here because the quite is nice and the computers are even nicer. This was a really simple project all I did was go outside the Library (because this is where I am currently writing this). It was a perfect day for a shadow but not so perfect being outside I could easily find a shadow because of the arch and the way the sunlight was slanted. Across for the arch there is like a little open sitting area I decided it was their that I would take the picture.I snapped this photo using my iphone, icloud is so useful for transferring photo’s from my phone to my  the only thing about icloud it sometimes lags behind the normal speed of my mac book pro. For instance, if I take a picture with my phone it  might take up to 5 second to transfer to icloud. Today as I was looking for my picture I became aware of the problem its not going to brake my perception of the how well the program works to the point where I would have to determine if it was worth using but it is an annoyance. I could be to that my computer is so overwhelmed with pictures and other programs that it is just having a slow reaction. Anyway, I downloaded the shadow picture to my computer and then uploaded it to twitter afterwards. My pose really looks like I am pregnant but I think that is because my legs are so close together. As I was doing this the whole time I was thinking about the song “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance they have a line in the song that goes:

“They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed..So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose…Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me”

Glad this pose is everything but violent!!

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