2 thoughts on “Pixalate

  1. I had problems with the website as well. I’ve used similar niche websites like it before and they always have slight glitches. :/ However, I love how you explained the context of this photo like where it was taken, how you felt on that day, etc. It’s a really personal moment to share and it was really endearing. I love seeing posts like these with people’s families and special snapshots. This felt really heartfelt and sincere. Though, I hope you don’t run into problems like that again. It can be really annoying.

    • I feel like sometimes I carry it to far with personal feelings in blogs but its the truth you know what am I going to say! I hope to set the setting for pictures so people don’t seem so lost. Most of the pictures I look at esp. those that we pixelated I wonder what there backstory is I am very interested in people (not being nosey) just interested I end up making up a story in my head..

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