The Moon and Stars

I thought this Daily Create turned out really well. To create this piece of art  I opened “Gimp” this time though when I opened the program the tools did’t open so I had to go reset them. To do that I went to the very top of tool bar (its green in my case) and looked for the icon tool and under that drop box I looked for the toolbox and clicked it. When I finished setting up my toolbox I went back on my green tool bar and clicked file and then under the drop box I chose new (so I could open a new sheet). I then selected the pencil tool so I could start creating line art. I just want to tell the reader how hard it is to make line art it took me four to five tries to to get one picture right. I spent a lot of time planning my next step if one way did’t work to get the result I wanted I tried doing it another way. For instance, I thought it was best to first start a star from the edge of the page in then go into the clouds. But, what proved to work out best was me starting the picture from inside the layer.
I think this is actually the first time that I have ever come in contact with this kind of art. I find that I might have a interest in doing this as a hobby because it seems to be very challenging and it forces me to think about what is happen with the pencil. For me regular art (drawing,painting ect.) are no brainers for me if a make a line that’s how it is but this kind of art you have to plan for all through the picture.


I am pretty I am sure that this has to be a planed action as you can see in this response from another student the picture is so identical and very detailed I am sure people will admit that this process is planned

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