This is definitely not a class

As Time flies by these Daily Creates get weirder and weirder. I also become more determined to be the best at Daily Creates, but I have found that I have good competition which is good because it helps challenge my talent. So, for this one there is not much of a back story but I promised to write 2 paragraphs about how I created or how I felt about the project. I chose a tree because it was not complicated and the pictures measurements were not that big. I thought this project was going to really complicated since there was a file that us students had to download. I was frustrated about not having/ understanding photoshop despite my feelings I dowloaded the basic templet to my macbook pro I then uploaded into gimp. The I searched for a “Tree” picture using the search engine “Google” after I dowloaded that picture to my mac I opened Iphoto. Using the program I cropped and manipulated the coloring of the picture ..I tell you iphoto is the bomb !! I then opened the tree as a layer in Gimp, I then pursed to manipulate the writing.  The font was the only thing I failed to manipulated unsuccessfully,I could not figure out how to take part of the word out so I could add in another the word “Tree”. I wish I could have known what program to use other then photoshop that would give me “text” so I could just write out what I wanted. There are a lot of advantages  to knowing code. I would have like to known what programs other student used to make their projects so successful.

I chose the tree for this project because it seems really romantic right know to display a tree…


I found one right of the bat that I thought should win most creative. This one is made by Tyler Gimple I think that its worthy of mention for most creative because he takes something that is really obvious and says that it is not that object. I also like the angle that he takes the picture from it is above the dog and kinda of at an angle, also the area around the dog  is very simple which makes the dog  become the center of the master piece.


 @ds106dc Ce n’estpas une Poodle. #tdc1646

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