How To….

I don’t care what people say about me I am always going be nervous around camera’s but who is not? This Video Assignment takes me on an adventure of how to make a How To video (4 1/2)  (very proud of myself because I am keeping up the  “4”‘s this week)

To produce this video I first did a little research on how to make a video on a mac computer (so embarrassing but some times you just need a little reminder). This is the video I watched:

As it came back to me I then researched “how to” tutorial’s to get an idea of what they were like . So I again searched on youtube for video’s below is a video of “How To Make A YouTube Video”. One of my concerns was that my video would have to have music in it, I guess it is not necessarily true.

So I took what I learned from those two videos and began to make my own. I opened up photo booth the video said to switch the photo mood to video mode which was easy because it was near the photo button. (See below)


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.30.08 PM


Next step to record in photo booth is to hit the red button ( see above the one that looks like a video camera). It usually the goes through a three step timer and then it starts recording.  I then attempted to upload my video to Vimeo, I logged on using my facebook credentials. Well I guess I can say I have had experiences of all experience I had to “Wait in Line” to get my video uploaded on Vimeo (see below):

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.44.49 PM

After 10 min the video finally appeared.

Movie on 7-14-16 at 1.00 PM from Adriel Brooks on Vimeo.


I do..what I do

Another great  Video Assignment this comes from the assignment  What Do You Do? this is worth (4 starts). My thinking is that it should be rated about 3 stars but that is just my personal opinion. I guess this is where I tell the story about what I do everyday, I actually think this is what every hopefully dose everyday, they take a shower !!

How did I make the video? well, I used my iphone to video record because it is portable .  I went into my bathroom and the first thing I did was see what 8 sec felt like. So I went into video mode on my phone then the I pressed the record button. I then restaged what I wanted in the video so it would actually look the way I wanted it to. Since I used my phone I was able to access the video through icloud. So I downloaded the video to my computer and I was able to uploaded it to youtube. To uploaded to youtube I had to open youtube in Google. Then I pressed the “upload”  button which is located in the right hand corner. Then I selected the video and dragged it to the open space that read ” Upload video”. I did reset some of the settings as I was saving it like for instance the category in which it was place into  or “What Kind” of video it is.

This is really my most favorite part of the day it either signifies the beginning of the day or a fresh start to a new one. I am so glad that I painted my nails before this one it makes the look like I have really nice feet.

The Moon and Stars

I thought this Daily Create turned out really well. To create this piece of art  I opened “Gimp” this time though when I opened the program the tools did’t open so I had to go reset them. To do that I went to the very top of tool bar (its green in my case) and looked for the icon tool and under that drop box I looked for the toolbox and clicked it. When I finished setting up my toolbox I went back on my green tool bar and clicked file and then under the drop box I chose new (so I could open a new sheet). I then selected the pencil tool so I could start creating line art. I just want to tell the reader how hard it is to make line art it took me four to five tries to to get one picture right. I spent a lot of time planning my next step if one way did’t work to get the result I wanted I tried doing it another way. For instance, I thought it was best to first start a star from the edge of the page in then go into the clouds. But, what proved to work out best was me starting the picture from inside the layer.
I think this is actually the first time that I have ever come in contact with this kind of art. I find that I might have a interest in doing this as a hobby because it seems to be very challenging and it forces me to think about what is happen with the pencil. For me regular art (drawing,painting ect.) are no brainers for me if a make a line that’s how it is but this kind of art you have to plan for all through the picture.


I am pretty I am sure that this has to be a planed action as you can see in this response from another student the picture is so identical and very detailed I am sure people will admit that this process is planned

The serious life

To create this Daily Create  I first took a picture using my iphone. Because, I used my iphone the picture automatically showed up in icloud which is connect also to my iphoto. All I had to do is drag the picture from the icloud application that was in iphoto to my desktop. I then uploaded it to twitter with the hashtags specified. I think there is a lot of backstory to this photo which might prove more interesting then how I made it. I took this today when I got back from the food pantry. As people might know I am still unclear as to why I lost my job. This was the first time I had been to a food pantry in my whole life and they were really welcoming. Despite the hardships and the “not understanding” I could see how much good can come out a situation. I think my greatest win today is going to be that there where bananas (which I have not had in a long time ) and apple juice (which I loved to death and missed drinking at work I really hate that they switched to the organic). What I am saying is there is not a real need to be serious over life troubles they will come and go but why be troubled when you can choose to be happy? A lot of time we think that are situations in life are so serious but there are a lot more serious situations and I chose to believe  and I chose to find something in my day that is good. I always feel a comfort  that theses verses from the Bible hold true:

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away”  Revelations 21:4

“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”   Deuteronomy 31:6



Oh my goodness, how many times have I watched this video and not catched such an experience as I currently just did. As a child I really loved this movie but now that I am an adult I enjoy it even more. I can’t even describe how I feel about the movie now that I have actually broken it down into camera work, audio track, and then putting it all together . I Analyzed the camera work by turing down the volume of my mac book pro, the first thing that I noticed about the camera work is that the camera focused solely on the person that was talking (only from the head to the shoulders of the person). I think they were trying to cut out all the distractions that surrounded the characters this amplified the emotion and made the movie scene more dramatic. The camera also shot from a lot of different angles for example there were a lot of “over the shoulder” shots that were taken of the person talking. Also, I notice when light from the “heavens” appeared and the main character was returning to heaven before they kissed for the last time the camera dose a side angle from the bottom (this I think actually accrues in the first few min of the clip) focuses the eyes of the watcher towards heaven. The camera switches views periodically or maybe like every few seconds. The Audio was exceptional if you listen to the dialogue and music the movie becomes more alive and really sets the mood. Instead of turing off the (because if I did turn off the screen I would have to turn off the computer)I just closed my eyes which worked as well. I discovered that the dialogue was very slow paced and some time there was instance that there was no dialogue at all. Most of there words held a lot of meaning or just feeling as well which added to the mood. The music set the story because at times it is slow and soft and at other times it is loud (as I can tell) probably the more stronger sounding instruments. Since I have played instruments since I was little I can tell that they continually use the same instruments through out the song. I really did not notice any sound effects it could have been because the music or just because there weren’t any. Putting it together and analyzing it I really didn’t miss much because the first two process cover most of the clip. I did find it really interesting that the dialogue was very sparse but it meant so much.

Some of the technics that the director uses to tell the story include angles such as the angle from the side in the first couple of minutes of the clip down below is a quick video I watched on camera angles and techniques because I really did’t have a good grasp on the full meaning of “angles” as portrayed in a video. The instructor said that the “angles” create dynamic engagement and a illusion of depth, dynamics can change the emotion of the whole clip. The instructor in this video also said that angles have no limits they can be as dynamic and creative as the producer wants it to be.

In a passing conversation with an employee he made a good point about  this particular ghost scene this is a representation about what the producer thought heaven looked like. He thought it was interesting how at the end of the scene you could see the people holding hands. Me particularly I know that we are no longer going to have are physical bodies. My question to the readers (if I have any) would be do you think the producer is trying to make a symbolic statement ?

Down below is the clip I watched/listen to I think best part of all is when the guys says:



Sam Wheat: It’s amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you. See ya.

Molly: See ya. Bye.



Reading Moves

Today I read “How To Read A Movie” by Roger Ebert’s this article was published date is August 30, 2008 . In this article  Roger starts by reminiscing about his early years and how he go into film reading. He reminisces that he started really getting into film around 1969 when he started teaching a class film class at the University of Chicago. His mane inspiration was his fellow teacher John West. John West was a film enthusiast who was responsible for inspiring/encouraging  the school body at University of Chicago to watch movie reals so they could study shot by shot. They described this process as “democracy in the dark.” Later he gave it a name: Cinema Interruptus. Roger attended many of these film “lectures” or sorts and began to understand principles about film making. Roger enjoyed this and become of  the mindset that he wasn’t the teacher and his students weren’t the audience, we were all in this together. As time progressed Roger became more advance in reading films, he learned from anything he could get his hands on. For instance,  he found that the book Understanding Movies, by Louis D. Giannetti, was very helpful in educating himself. Watching films helped him in grasp the idea of “Golden Mean,” or the larger concept of the “golden ratio.”. Which really in the end meant a person located somewhat to the right of center will seem ideally placed. A person to the right of that position will seem more positive; to the left, more negative. A centered person will seem objectified, like a mug shot. He called that position somewhat to the right of center the “strong axis.” Other rules of thumb that he discovered was, right is more positive, left more negative. Movement to the right seems more favorable; to the left, less so. The future seems to live on the right, the past on the left. The top is dominant over the bottom. The foreground is stronger than the background. Symmetrical compositions seem at rest. Diagonals in a composition seem to “move” in the direction of the sharpest angle they form, even though of course they may not move at all. Also, a composition could lead into a background that becomes dominant over a foreground. Tilt shots of course put everything on a diagonal, implying the world is out of balance.  He also goes into depth of about tilts saying that tilts that are down to the right than to the left, perhaps suggesting the characters are sliding perilously into their futures. Left tilts to suggested to him helplessness, sadness, resignation. Few tilts feel positive. Movement is dominant over things that are still. A POV above a character’s eyeline reduces him; below the eyeline, enhances him. Extreme high angle shots make characters into pawns; low angles make them into gods. Brighter areas tend to be dominant over darker areas, but far from always: Within the context, you can seek the “dominant contrast,” which is the area we are drawn toward. Sometimes it will be darker, further back, lower, and so on. It can be as effective to go against intrinsic weightings as to follow them. He also studies principles such as  color, lighting, shadows, construction, characters, dialogue, acting, history, sources, influences, and messages both obvious and buried. The article  then goes into a full discussion about how Roger analyzes movies.


Since I honestly don’t know much about movies this is the part  in which I will stumble the most. I am not sure if these positions that he talks about might work or not but I understand that maybe what is going on when they are using this positions is they are trying to evoke some emotions from the audience. The positions personally hold  no meaning because something with meaning are usually discussed before hand. Maybe the positions  has been before prescribed in a book or something but I am not well qualified to give that judgement.

Also, I had a chance to watch the following videos

Kubrick // One-Point Perspective from kogonada on Vimeo.

The Shining – Zooms from Ian Kammer on Vimeo.

Tarantino // From Below from kogonada on Vimeo.


I think I have two favorites the Kubrick // One-Point Perspective and Tarantino // From Below . The video in One-Point Perspective  was amazing I noticed that one point perspective is about centering and making it so the object that the camera is manly focused on becomes the center of focus. In otherwards the objects around it are put in such a way that your eye is drawn to the object, I thought this was most useful for dramatic scene. Next, I thought that the video for the perspective of “from Below” was a very power angle to use for a movie scene because it gives the prospective of another object. It is somewhat mysterious to because you are unable to see the object that there looking at in some cases. Even though I did watch The Shining – Zooms I felt like it is a less powerful perspective but if used in the right way can bring attention to a certain item or person. My key take away from the article and the videos is that  when analyzing videos people should be creative in  their analyzation. Also, I learned the everything has meaning and can be translated to give the film extra meaning, it also can be translated into a million different meanings.



This is definitely not a class

As Time flies by these Daily Creates get weirder and weirder. I also become more determined to be the best at Daily Creates, but I have found that I have good competition which is good because it helps challenge my talent. So, for this one there is not much of a back story but I promised to write 2 paragraphs about how I created or how I felt about the project. I chose a tree because it was not complicated and the pictures measurements were not that big. I thought this project was going to really complicated since there was a file that us students had to download. I was frustrated about not having/ understanding photoshop despite my feelings I dowloaded the basic templet to my macbook pro I then uploaded into gimp. The I searched for a “Tree” picture using the search engine “Google” after I dowloaded that picture to my mac I opened Iphoto. Using the program I cropped and manipulated the coloring of the picture ..I tell you iphoto is the bomb !! I then opened the tree as a layer in Gimp, I then pursed to manipulate the writing.  The font was the only thing I failed to manipulated unsuccessfully,I could not figure out how to take part of the word out so I could add in another the word “Tree”. I wish I could have known what program to use other then photoshop that would give me “text” so I could just write out what I wanted. There are a lot of advantages  to knowing code. I would have like to known what programs other student used to make their projects so successful.

I chose the tree for this project because it seems really romantic right know to display a tree…


I found one right of the bat that I thought should win most creative. This one is made by Tyler Gimple I think that its worthy of mention for most creative because he takes something that is really obvious and says that it is not that object. I also like the angle that he takes the picture from it is above the dog and kinda of at an angle, also the area around the dog  is very simple which makes the dog  become the center of the master piece.


 @ds106dc Ce n’estpas une Poodle. #tdc1646

Audio At A Glance

Audio at a glance man I am really sad this week is over I am so excited to try my hand at a different type of   media. I really like learning from Ira Glass it really opened my eyes another’s artistic talent, I have the option to be artistic over the air. This opened my eyes to the realization that there is more than one way to express yourself. I personally have only tired writing, drawing (everything that goes with drawing, pastels, ect.), panting and computer graphics/ deign. I think this goes in the category with writing and expression, thinking back on my degree I should have chosen something in the artistic field and I would have come in contact with audio sooner.

Side story, when I was younger audio, and the recording studio was a novelty I always thought whoever was recoding had be rich and famous. I thought is because my favorite cousin use to record and I thought some day he would be a famous rapper thus he must be rich (obviously I know better now).

I felt like I did exceptionally well this week considering I had to figure how to use Audacity. The work seemed a little light. I tried to achieve higher stars this week as I did last week in the Assignments. Why do less when you can do more? (or at lest try to more). Another favorite part of this week is listening to the radio stories I felt like most of them were cheezie but they were accurate. Like for instance, “The Truth” podcast about fine ding even though it was cheezie and not a complete story ( to say the least) it had a really solid and very understandable meaning. The meaning of the podcast was fine dining is a privilege, it’s about accommodating for people and serving to their needs instead of catering to our own/your wants. Its about self less service and expecting nothing in return and don’t forget the most important, everyone has a story (Can’t tell that I am sold out to Chickfila at all can you?).  The next radio show that I attached meaning to was the one called “Its going to change your life” I got a good laugh out of it because the one trainee mentions that he had  worked at Chick-fil-a  ya! I think I will leave that to the readers imagination.

I think that the only thing I struggled on is the audio assignments, nothing to be alarmed about or points taken off. It was that I am not experienced enough with the software to turn out perfect work. I enjoyed everything I did this week even though the assignments took me a little longer then most of the work dose not me a hated don the work or would do anything different. I think the only real question that I have is will we be using audio again it was a pretty fun week.

This week goal wise I accomplished all I set out to accomplish. I talked to the tutor about the links and she explained that they probably got there links to look like that ( at the far top of the page and across horizontally) because came with the layout. Needless, to say I was disappointed I really liked that look because it made the blog look a little neater then mine. The writing portion goal that I was talking about last time I blogged all I did was listen to the advice Ira Glass gave and I also asked the tutor about it. Her advice write, write, write and explain in depth. She told me she had never taken the class but had had experience in other classes. So, I improved my daily creates by a paragraph but lets instead of one I think I will force myself to do two paragraphs. As a side note though what is there to write about a daily create anyway? I usually do the media ( I use), how I felt about it and which I thought was the best one out of everyone and why I liked it. Any thoughts? While I am on the subject of daily creates another favorite of mine is when we had to recreate a picture from out childhood. I was disappointed that I was not able to go the original place the picture was taken (Which was in Stafford) since those daily creates are only up until 12pm at night. But, it was funny I had the original pants and sweatshirts. The funny thing was I was getting ready to take them to a second hand shop but life happened!! The glasses on the other hand those I broke years ago, the only thing that frustrated me about this assignment was that I could not really find picture of me that I could recreate. In fact I think I only had one with me and thats of my grandmother and my sister and me. Wow, I guess I should have put this down with the assigned daily create, oh well I guess better late then never.

Forgive me but I had to look up Cultural/Social implications surrounding my work (I guess it is a good day as any to answer the question) there is actually some this time ya!ya! this class has really had an impact on my world and how I view it, so far it has challenged me to go out side of my box and try new things. There is so much in this world that people are sacred to try because they feel that there not capable of doing it or just don’t find the time to try. I can point the finger at so many people and say this and that about them but am I challenging myself enough? I am going to far? I think that far is not far enough you have to go further then far to be the best. I did’t chose the school like to please other people but I chose it because I wanted to learn something new so I can go out and either explore it further or share it with others. I am glad I have an opportunity to learn and to be exposed to this form of media.

Sick Beat

Just trying to have fun with this project Audio Assignments Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper (4 stars) trying to challenge my self while having fun.

* My main objective for this project whether I finish or fail to finish this project is to learn more about using Audacity, learn how to manipulate sound and challenge myself.

I am not even sure I did this one right but is there any “Right” way have to have an introduction:

But this is how I did it:

  1.  Open Audacity (by clicking the short cut, it will end up looking like this when you open it up)

2 . To Add a sound  go to the bar very top of the “Green” bar where their of options such as File, View ect. Select  “File” then “open” for the first sound.

3. To add a second sound go to the very top menu bar and select  File >Import> Audio (this I repeated several times)

The result: Fantastic (of course)

I am really disappointed that I did’t really get to use this but I think that is is worthy to be noted:

I like this because there is a lot of little sounds making up a big group of sounds. No one sound is perfect but together they make up one good sound.

In this assignment I wish I would have been able to successfully been able to fad the sound in and out. From the looks of the sound wave I did’t get it quite right. I think the main problem was when I selected the section that I wanted to fade in on it selected such a big chunk of it. When I went to do the fade out it would not preform the action. I just want the reader to know every time that I write about something that was holding me back from the projects true potential  that I did try several times before calling it quits. This project to me about 2 to 3 hours, I think I spent most of the time looking for sounds that would work together well. How do people find the perfect sound to mesh together anyway? I guess you would have to have some kind of musical genius. For this project as a side story I almost used the Media Editing lab and Vocal booth at the University of MaryWashington but when I got to the room someone was already using it. If we continue with the subject of Audio I would like to discover if there is any useful equipment that can be used.