Learn that’s what we do…

I gained a lot of skill this week never in my life have I attempted to be a Dj of sorts or just play around with music. Learning the software Audacity was a big take away for me in all my years of being an artist I had never taken the time to be creative with music or rather just sound. I thought it was neat how you are able to stack one sound on top of the other or attach one sound to another and make one long running one. I also didn’t know that there was a website that people could find different sounds. Just goes to prove that even when you thought that you had learned all you can learn there is more to be learned.

I guess I am suppose to know which blog this came from just another instance of me not paying attention. This was really helpful but I really did’t get the results that I was looking for.


For the most part I was met with a lot of success and I really don’t have any complaints. I am just wondering what I did wrong because I did visit other peoples sites and I think I have an interesting blog. I guess my real question would be how many people are “actually” (actually being the key word) participating in the class. It seems to me like a whole lot of people signed up for this class but are not actually participating. Which makes my job a lot harder, but it might just be me too. Maybe someone will comment and I will get an answer!!

I think the work this week has been very manageable I am not sure I guess till I get my grade for this week. I think I have made progress in my writing so I am very thankful I went from not writing on the Daily Creates to writing descriptions I am pretty proud of myself.

Tell Us A Story Of The Wild West

Here is a story that does not leave room for imagination. Stories of the Wild West are ones of bravery and courage this is what it might be like to be during the time of the Pony Express…

Please excesses the lack of no how in this one this is my first time trying  Audacity so far it took me two hours just to learn how to do this small clip that is  suppose to be 60 seconds. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of time to take in-depth pictures but I was able to snag a few hopefully when I write I will accurately provide a description. This was a suggested Audio Assignment  (3 1/2 stars) !!!

So, the first thing I did was download Audacity to my mac book pro. This was simple all I did was follow the link the teacher had provided:  https://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/ . When I directed to the website I got a little freaked out because the website looks like a website that would download spam to a computer later I learned (from the Tutor) that most of the audio websites that are used for classes are just outdated. After downloading Audacity which was difficult because the prompt said to put the Audacity shortcut into the “Applications” folder on the computer and I had a hard time finding that. But, in the end I ended up finding the “Applications” folder by using the spyglass on my top bar (I call it finder but I am not sure what it is ). In addition to downloading Audacity I had to download a plug-in that would allow my files to be turned into MP3’S. The link to the download is “Here” this website look outdated to. Why don’t people bother to update their websites? I then tried to down load the third applications for sound recommend by our teacher and it looked like a terrible website so I decided then to go get help from  the tutoring center. The website by the way that I was trying to download was called FreeSound. With the tutor I created an account and then I had to activated the account using my yahoo email address. Using FreeSound is easy all you have to do to search for a song is to log into your account and then type what sound you want in the search box that is clearly marked. With instruction from the tutor I was able to go back and create my own work. Here are some of the steps you need to know to upload and create audio on Audacity:


  1.  Open Audacity (by clicking the short cut, it will end up looking like this when you open it up)


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.22.24 AM

2 . To Add a sound  go to the bar very top of the “Green” bar where their of options such as File, View ect. Select  “File” then “open” for the first sound.

3. To add a second sound go to the very top menu bar and select  File >Import> Audio (this I repeated several times)

(A screen shot I took during the process of making the audio)

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.24.31 PM


Even though the process is simple once I got the sounds imported I had to cut them and make sure that when one track ended another began again. I had a hard time figuring out how to cut a section and put it exactly where is should be. I wish I could have learned if it was possible switch tracks because I spent a lot of time deleting tracks because I didn’t want them in that order. Needless to say I had to delete all the sound that I had and began again from scratch. The one thing that I would do different for this project if I could go back and redo it would be to make the sounds that I imported longer or have a longer story to tell. I think the most neat thing about this project is I got to see what sound looks like. When I was  looking for sound of FreeSound I got really good at being able to look at the sound on the main page with out hearing it and realizing if it was what I needed or not.

The story I wanted to tell using sounds is the story of the Wild West during the period of the Pony Express. I think it is important that the Pony Express gets remembered because its was America’s First postoffice route. Men (most likely) who participate in the route had to be brave because their was a lot of danger and their lives were at risk every time they got on a horse to ride. People tend to forget about the small events that have occurred in our history.





Picture Perfect

This is Todays Daily Create: Show Your Shadow

This was just something simple I did while on campus. I have been spending a lot of time here because the quite is nice and the computers are even nicer. This was a really simple project all I did was go outside the Library (because this is where I am currently writing this). It was a perfect day for a shadow but not so perfect being outside I could easily find a shadow because of the arch and the way the sunlight was slanted. Across for the arch there is like a little open sitting area I decided it was their that I would take the picture.I snapped this photo using my iphone, icloud is so useful for transferring photo’s from my phone to my  the only thing about icloud it sometimes lags behind the normal speed of my mac book pro. For instance, if I take a picture with my phone it  might take up to 5 second to transfer to icloud. Today as I was looking for my picture I became aware of the problem its not going to brake my perception of the how well the program works to the point where I would have to determine if it was worth using but it is an annoyance. I could be to that my computer is so overwhelmed with pictures and other programs that it is just having a slow reaction. Anyway, I downloaded the shadow picture to my computer and then uploaded it to twitter afterwards. My pose really looks like I am pregnant but I think that is because my legs are so close together. As I was doing this the whole time I was thinking about the song “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance they have a line in the song that goes:

“They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed..So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose…Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me”

Glad this pose is everything but violent!!

Listen To This….

In the podcast “Falling” (The Truth Podcast) the producers used a lot of sound effects in the podcast. Audio techniques included sounds of trains, lifting , sound a person falling ect. In the first few minutes of this podcast I could not really understand what was going on  either it was the sound effects were not clear or some were missing. As much as I can figure in the first part it was when the heroine saved the guy from the on coming train? I am not even sure how that  scene played out. I think that kinda of set the whole tone and its the question I had to ask myself through the whole podcast. Also I didn’t like how the producer displayed their voice as if they where having a conversation in the background, to me they where kind of echo-ie in a way but far away as well. I think this makes the story less effect I had to think several time what kind of setting they were in because it sound like they where in a room but far away. This effect also makes the audience confused  and always lagging behind in the story plot.

In this broadcast/podcast there was not a lot of  sound effects it was more dialogue between people. I think that the producer could have improved on the sound effect in two areas to make the scene more believable . One of those scenes is when he was dreaming and when there was a fire in the restaurant.  I liked how the producer, produced the star I think it was accurate and a correct  betrayal of how a depressed person would have acted. I think though on the other hand the producer should have integrated the personality of the wife she kind seemed one dimensional, more wound effect would have made her seem more real in the production.

Probably one of my favorites I just can’t figure out why that guy at that leadership training indicates that Chickfila sucks because they don’t pay well. Employees that are not sold out to the company suck! This podcast also is more dialogue then actual sounds, I think with less sound effects the message was less effective. The message being that “It is okay to say no to a career you don’t want even if people peer pressure into it its your life do with it as you want”. From scene to scene it was hard to determine where the character was which made the story line very difficult to follow.

All in all I feel like these podcast where well put together there where some of the podcast lacked sound effect. I feel like these stories are lacking in story line as well, I have listened to podcast before (with sound effects) so I have a pretty good idea of what they should sound like and what is a good podcast and whats not a good podcast.

National Love a Plant Day!!

It seems like every Holiday I could think of was already taken. Even the other responses that I looked at some one had already taken (I googled them just to make sure). You can see my responses to todays daily create below:

For this project all I had to do was take a picture of a plant. I used my iphone to take the picture and transferred the photo using icloud to my compute.I am finding that icloud is useful in giving me a hand with transferring photos and storing them as I am using them for class projects.
My favorite and most creative is the one below:

OH YEAH Baby !!

Using sound cloud to day for my best oh yeah!! It came out pretty terrible I think because I have a speech problem and sometimes my words come out kind of slurred or rather just smushed together. I like these fun exercises they give perspective and display creativity.

My favorite Oh yeah was this one below:

Writer’s of Audio Storytelling in Action

I can really tell this week is going to be I will never forget. Already, there has been some good advice given about writing in general. This comes from a famous Audio storytellers Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad. I Learned more from Ira Glass then I did from Jad Abumrad. Both storytellers though have a similar message.

Jad Abumrad 

Jad was not my favorite I think because he only touched on one part of the creative process. The main idea that he shared was that gut churn is essential to the creative process. He explains further  being on the airwaves (creating a show)or just doing something creative  something is a risk and will cause your body to shut down. There are steps to preventing such disaster he gave an example of a famous artist who when encountering this kind of situation stops what he is doing and goes  abroad to  reinvent himself. During that time he turned down commissions from very famous people. Jad suggest that not every piece of work is going to be perfect and that maybe if it is that “gut retching” that airtist are doing their job.

Ira Glass

These are the video’s that I watched about the creative process of digital story telling according  Ira Glass (The youtube video’s are called  Ira Glass on Story Telling). There where four parts below the reader can see the the videos along with the commentary about what was learned from each part.

Part 1 of 4

In this part Ira talks about the writing process itself and try’s to instruct about how to write. When writing for a station that is broadcasting it should not written in the  traditional way or writing. He suggest that there are two powerful components to writing in storytelling the anecdote (a story in its purest from). He tells instructs that if you would like to keep an audience’s attention you have to constantly be asking questions and answering them. He also in this video  talks about the importance of having not just the storytellers perspective but also the people who are participating to have their perspective shared as well. Ira also talks about some of the trouble that other podcasters run into and that is they never know when a project is not longer interesting. They also have they have trouble understanding when to let a project go.

Part 2 0f 4

In part 2 he begins to share the secret of finding a great story. Where to begin on this one, Ira tell the people watching on that find a story should take as much time as it take to write the story. He also gives a in depth examples of how hard it is to find a good story and why. From experience Ira tells about how it take up to 5 weeks to find a good story because of discouraging  elements. He reports that discouraging elements include getting to the sight and the author not telling the same story or the story becomes less exciting. He then began’s to talk about failure he suggest if you don’t fail then a great story will not be found.

Part 3 of 4

In this this video Ira tells about his first couple of years creating audio. He encourages people who are just starting out in this career field to keep going even though the audio  they are  creating is not what they want it to be. He comforts other aspiring artist by saying that what they are going through in the first couple of years is totally normal. There is also a cure, Ira suggest that the artist should do a  lot of practicing by doing a lot of work. There is also a refection of his earlier work as a prof of what a storyteller might expect to go through.

4 of 4

In the final video he talks about common pitfalls that beginners make in audio . The first one being that the artist try to copy (sound wise) how the stars on tv sound (they don’t follow use  their natural voice). The second  is storytellers need to have a set balance of talking time, for example if they are talking on the airwaves the person they are talking with should have a equal amount of talking time as well.


I just summarized these video’s if the reader watches them you can glean so much more. Ira’s talent extends further then the surface. I learn a lot just about writing in general, it should’t be such a hardship and structure as they teach in school. It should literally a tale of a series of actions (story telling in its purest form). A story to also has to have a hidden question or two and has to be answered as well. I like how he not only points out the wrong doing of beginners but instructs them how to do better. He also recounts his struggles which lets the watcher (the one watching the video) understand that he was not far from flaw at one time he had to keep practicing as well. Ira in general seems like he is a great mast of his art because he is able to recount as well as instruct people pursing a career in audio in a way that they would understand.


Glitz Then….Glitz Forever

I think that I have looked better with time. Today’s Daily Create to us back to the past we created the future.  I chose to do a picture that I had taken at Mountain View (A Highschool that was new at the time). I was not able to go their on short notice but I did try by best to recreate the past. It was a lot of fun as chance would have it I still owned the pants and sweatshirt jacket that I was waring in that day. This Daily Create caught me just in time before I took the pants to a consignment store. I would’nt say I was storing them I would just say I had not made it there yet.. I am sure nothings changed from that day !!





This week has been very challenging

School wise and personally. I am going to just throw it out into the universe !!

I was evicted from my room I was renting because the people I was renting from decided the wanted a kid. I am not sure why they thought it was necessary to evict a college student when my health papers were on there way…Today I send that out into the universe  It has been a challenge to keep focused get homework assignments done, make sure I get it work interviews on time and make sure I write a lot and reflect as much as  I possibly can.

As I reflect on this week school wise I think I have done a good job keeping up. I met most of my personal goal like for instance personalizing my blog background. I wanted to put something up that was more me and reflect something I really enjoyed doing (which was of course working for Chickfila). I also learned to face my fears with GIF’S (I call them Jiff’s what is the proper pronunciation for that anyway?) there easy thats all your really need to know about. After you know that your suppose to put “pwn”  in front of the “www.” then its all down hill from there. I am glad me and my tutor did the first one together the process seemed kind of long. I loved that I found  A short cut on another students blog (see pays to read other students blogs). In the session with my tutor we  also explored “Gimp” my new go to free photoshop. I still got a ways to go before I fully develop my skill on that program but it is very possible I can do it by the end of class. I also liked how I met my goal in time management, I still have room for improvement though. I feel like once I get the timing right I will have time to write more .

I had some failure pictures this week, I only call it a failure pictures because I was not able to finish then the way I had envisioned it. I believe that there is not a instance of failure that a person is not able to learn something from. I guess the thinking is the bigger the failure the more you learn. My favorite project of this week was printing the youtube video, I can’t wait to use that on my other blog. It was also my favorite because Daenerys Targaryen is Bill English (Our business consultant) go to Game of Thrones character.  I also like creating a statement using the titles of songs in my playlist  (I am not sure any project will ever be as fun as this one). When I was creating a statement it could be a ” Saying Good by or  I am walking away” statement or “I love you forever and I am never giving up on you” statement. Of course my mood said it was going to be  “I love you forever and I am never giving up on you” I probably need to buy normal songs I have enough love songs.

As we push forward towards another week in this 5 week session I have to reset new goals. Since most of the basic things are taken care of  on my blog I wanted to do a few “Frilly” things. So I still need to get those links up and I would like to spend more time on the “Story Writing” part of this class. I would like to learn what makes up a good story and how to compose a story. I know everyone can write but I am so use to just “Free Writing” (telling the facts like they are) that I have forgotten the true art of writing. I think I am just going to email the teacher (she should be able to give me some pointers right?). The reason why I want to do this is because I think that in my other blog has gone stale and readers have lost interest because I keep hitting on the same fact in the same way. If you learn to tell a it can be written from many different angels not just one. If I want to be the best then I need to focus in this area. Putting media together  and putting in such a way that people are more attracted to it is another concern of mine. So I intend to either attend a workshop on writing or ask the teacher for help.

Here are some of the assignment that I completed this week:


  1.  Links to 3 Daily Create – Daily Create #1Daily Create #2Daily Creation #3 and Daily Create #4
  2. Links to 5 different visual assignment – #1 #2 , #3#4, #5 (= 12 Stars)
  3. #6 (4 Star Visual Assignment)= 12 Stars
  4. Two Gif Assignments #1, #2
  5.  Reflections on The Vignelli Canon  by  Massimo Vignell
  6.  Blitz and Design Bust to Design Blitz

Design Bust to Design Blitz

And I am back again to turn what seems like a Design Bust to a Design Blitz. This time I get to upload the photos so that will help some with turning this silver project into gold. Incase the reader did not pick it up in the last post the elements of design where Typography, Color, Metaphors/Symbols and Proportion. These if you have not guess are the elements that I think are most important the whole design process.


wow, this is a huge photo I guess that means that this will be in fact the longest post this week so far. So this is the “Exit” sign that I took a picture of at MaryWashington College.  The sign is probably plastic and the color blue with white text this represents the element Typography. My best guess in the font my be closer to New Times Roman because it is so strait and that’s what New Times Roman is a strait kind of font. I think this sign was very well planned as far as the font and the coloring go. The font is effective because it is strait and can be clearly understood it helps the important message of an escape route to be clearly marked. If this was in any other font the person who is looking for an escape route would have a hard time reading quickly. Another element to consider that make the message clear to is that the type itself it is in all in capital letters this also helps with the visibility.


I think Colors are one of the most  important  elements of design , colors are able to  communicates how the author or creator is feeling. When there are bright colors the author is intending for a mood set toward happiness. If the colors are dark or pastel the author is trying to communicate a somber mood or occasion. In these pictures I was trying to capture just the basic primary colors, no meaning just the basics  origin of all colors.



These colors are so effective only because they are primary colors and those are the colors that our eyes catch easily. If they where any other colors our eyes would easily miss them or get them confused. I like to how the company actually thought about  what would be easy for the employee. This makes cuts down on our mistakes and makes service fast.


Finding a metaphors/symbols was harder for me because I had to find actual meaning in the picture I was taking. These were taken on campus (University of MayWashington). I personally found meaning and I am sure to that other people can related to this picture as well. I find that this was a true metaphors/symbols because the light for was evoking.  I capture the brightness at the 


the beginning which as the pathway continues the reader can see that it darkens and then further away it is light. That I think anyway is the greatest life metaphors/symbol. I also took not that metaphors/symbol could be in the form of logos to (so there are essentially two types of metaphors/symbol). As you can see below when I was at target there where letting there signs speak for themselves and replace actual words. Which are only effective because they are in bright colors and in places (at the store) where they can be seen.


This is a bonus picture I was not going to add this until my dialogue actually took me in the actual direction as if this picture was meant to be in this blog. Anyway, it was a sign and it read “Only at (the target sign).com.


Proprotion seems to be important mostly to the sale’s industry is important to design to? Yes, as a matter of fact it does these picture below demonstrate how proportion effect the way we view something. For instance, as you can see these are vacuums when something is put in front our senses tell us that this object is more important than the others. Proportion creates a sense of scale and depth to objects. 


Also, the picture below gives us the idea that using proportion can gives a feeling of having the best thing first.  Having the ability to have a choice of where the eye is focused is a powerful tool and element of proportion.