Oh my goodness, how many times have I watched this video and not catched such an experience as I currently just did. As a child I really loved this movie but now that I am an adult I enjoy it even more. I can’t even describe how I feel about the movie now that I have actually broken it down into camera work, audio track, and then putting it all together . I Analyzed the camera work by turing down the volume of my mac book pro, the first thing that I noticed about the camera work is that the camera focused solely on the person that was talking (only from the head to the shoulders of the person). I think they were trying to cut out all the distractions that surrounded the characters this amplified the emotion and made the movie scene more dramatic. The camera also shot from a lot of different angles for example there were a lot of “over the shoulder” shots that were taken of the person talking. Also, I notice when light from the “heavens” appeared and the main character was returning to heaven before they kissed for the last time the camera dose a side angle from the bottom (this I think actually accrues in the first few min of the clip) focuses the eyes of the watcher towards heaven. The camera switches views periodically or maybe like every few seconds. The Audio was exceptional if you listen to the dialogue and music the movie becomes more alive and really sets the mood. Instead of turing off the (because if I did turn off the screen I would have to turn off the computer)I just closed my eyes which worked as well. I discovered that the dialogue was very slow paced and some time there was instance that there was no dialogue at all. Most of there words held a lot of meaning or just feeling as well which added to the mood. The music set the story because at times it is slow and soft and at other times it is loud (as I can tell) probably the more stronger sounding instruments. Since I have played instruments since I was little I can tell that they continually use the same instruments through out the song. I really did not notice any sound effects it could have been because the music or just because there weren’t any. Putting it together and analyzing it I really didn’t miss much because the first two process cover most of the clip. I did find it really interesting that the dialogue was very sparse but it meant so much.

Some of the technics that the director uses to tell the story include angles such as the angle from the side in the first couple of minutes of the clip down below is a quick video I watched on camera angles and techniques because I really did’t have a good grasp on the full meaning of “angles” as portrayed in a video. The instructor said that the “angles” create dynamic engagement and a illusion of depth, dynamics can change the emotion of the whole clip. The instructor in this video also said that angles have no limits they can be as dynamic and creative as the producer wants it to be.

In a passing conversation with an employee he made a good point about  this particular ghost scene this is a representation about what the producer thought heaven looked like. He thought it was interesting how at the end of the scene you could see the people holding hands. Me particularly I know that we are no longer going to have are physical bodies. My question to the readers (if I have any) would be do you think the producer is trying to make a symbolic statement ?

Down below is the clip I watched/listen to I think best part of all is when the guys says:



Sam Wheat: It’s amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you. See ya.

Molly: See ya. Bye.



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