This week has been very challenging

School wise and personally. I am going to just throw it out into the universe !!

I was evicted from my room I was renting because the people I was renting from decided the wanted a kid. I am not sure why they thought it was necessary to evict a college student when my health papers were on there way…Today I send that out into the universe  It has been a challenge to keep focused get homework assignments done, make sure I get it work interviews on time and make sure I write a lot and reflect as much as  I possibly can.

As I reflect on this week school wise I think I have done a good job keeping up. I met most of my personal goal like for instance personalizing my blog background. I wanted to put something up that was more me and reflect something I really enjoyed doing (which was of course working for Chickfila). I also learned to face my fears with GIF’S (I call them Jiff’s what is the proper pronunciation for that anyway?) there easy thats all your really need to know about. After you know that your suppose to put “pwn”  in front of the “www.” then its all down hill from there. I am glad me and my tutor did the first one together the process seemed kind of long. I loved that I found  A short cut on another students blog (see pays to read other students blogs). In the session with my tutor we  also explored “Gimp” my new go to free photoshop. I still got a ways to go before I fully develop my skill on that program but it is very possible I can do it by the end of class. I also liked how I met my goal in time management, I still have room for improvement though. I feel like once I get the timing right I will have time to write more .

I had some failure pictures this week, I only call it a failure pictures because I was not able to finish then the way I had envisioned it. I believe that there is not a instance of failure that a person is not able to learn something from. I guess the thinking is the bigger the failure the more you learn. My favorite project of this week was printing the youtube video, I can’t wait to use that on my other blog. It was also my favorite because Daenerys Targaryen is Bill English (Our business consultant) go to Game of Thrones character.  I also like creating a statement using the titles of songs in my playlist  (I am not sure any project will ever be as fun as this one). When I was creating a statement it could be a ” Saying Good by or  I am walking away” statement or “I love you forever and I am never giving up on you” statement. Of course my mood said it was going to be  “I love you forever and I am never giving up on you” I probably need to buy normal songs I have enough love songs.

As we push forward towards another week in this 5 week session I have to reset new goals. Since most of the basic things are taken care of  on my blog I wanted to do a few “Frilly” things. So I still need to get those links up and I would like to spend more time on the “Story Writing” part of this class. I would like to learn what makes up a good story and how to compose a story. I know everyone can write but I am so use to just “Free Writing” (telling the facts like they are) that I have forgotten the true art of writing. I think I am just going to email the teacher (she should be able to give me some pointers right?). The reason why I want to do this is because I think that in my other blog has gone stale and readers have lost interest because I keep hitting on the same fact in the same way. If you learn to tell a it can be written from many different angels not just one. If I want to be the best then I need to focus in this area. Putting media together  and putting in such a way that people are more attracted to it is another concern of mine. So I intend to either attend a workshop on writing or ask the teacher for help.

Here are some of the assignment that I completed this week:


  1.  Links to 3 Daily Create – Daily Create #1Daily Create #2Daily Creation #3 and Daily Create #4
  2. Links to 5 different visual assignment – #1 #2 , #3#4, #5 (= 12 Stars)
  3. #6 (4 Star Visual Assignment)= 12 Stars
  4. Two Gif Assignments #1, #2
  5.  Reflections on The Vignelli Canon  by  Massimo Vignell
  6.  Blitz and Design Bust to Design Blitz

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