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Another pain staking attempt to prove to myself that I am a “GIF” master. It is really proper that I did this assignment because it is currently raining. This assignment GIF The Weather, Man!!

(4 stars)I almost gave up on but I continued to persevered. There is not a lot of pictures this time because I had a hard time remembering and doing this project as it is. These four star projects are definitely keeping on my feet.I used this project to add on to my story about an dolphin having an adventure searching for a rare animal.

  1. So I started this project by first selecting a youtube video that had weather in it. looking was really hard because “weather”  and “storm” are in so many song titles. I think the phrase the worked the best was “Video of storm’s” (I am not even sure how I managed to find the perfect Youtube video)

This is the one I selected to use from Youtube:

2.I then proceeded to download the video to my computer. I had to go though the process by first putting the “pwn” in front of the   “http://www.” and the “” in the address at the top of the webpage(I had to call the tutoring center because I had forgotten the three letter word). I decided to favorite the website  (that is the website the phrase “pwn” leads to) so I could use it afterwards if I wanted to. Finding the proper link that would download properly was a challenge. I finally found one and downloaded it to my computer.

3. The next step was to convert the downloaded file to an actual Gif. I used the website to convert it. I tried immediately to uploaded going to the website “” the clicking on the “Video to Gif” tab. When you get there you have then select the “video”and then press “upload”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.34.25 PM

The first time I got an error message saying “Image is to large” (it is then I realized I had to make the video a little more compact).

4. I opened imove so I could edit the video, I dropped the video into imovie instead of uploading it by searching for files. When the movie was fully loaded a selected the slides I wanted to delete and pressed  “Delete” on my keyboard. (I had to repeat steps 3 and 4 a couple of times until I got the right length)

5. After the video was converted I uploaded it to Imgur.

How come it always sounds so easy on paper, I think this was the hardest GIF so far. I think that it was also harder for me because I had not gone through the process of making one and I had forgotten what I was taught. I am really glad thought that I booked marked the websites “” and “” so I can speed up the process a little more next time.