Sick Beat

Just trying to have fun with this project Audio Assignments Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper (4 stars) trying to challenge my self while having fun.

* My main objective for this project whether I finish or fail to finish this project is to learn more about using Audacity, learn how to manipulate sound and challenge myself.

I am not even sure I did this one right but is there any “Right” way have to have an introduction:

But this is how I did it:

  1.  Open Audacity (by clicking the short cut, it will end up looking like this when you open it up)

2 . To Add a sound  go to the bar very top of the “Green” bar where their of options such as File, View ect. Select  “File” then “open” for the first sound.

3. To add a second sound go to the very top menu bar and select  File >Import> Audio (this I repeated several times)

The result: Fantastic (of course)

I am really disappointed that I did’t really get to use this but I think that is is worthy to be noted:

I like this because there is a lot of little sounds making up a big group of sounds. No one sound is perfect but together they make up one good sound.

In this assignment I wish I would have been able to successfully been able to fad the sound in and out. From the looks of the sound wave I did’t get it quite right. I think the main problem was when I selected the section that I wanted to fade in on it selected such a big chunk of it. When I went to do the fade out it would not preform the action. I just want the reader to know every time that I write about something that was holding me back from the projects true potential  that I did try several times before calling it quits. This project to me about 2 to 3 hours, I think I spent most of the time looking for sounds that would work together well. How do people find the perfect sound to mesh together anyway? I guess you would have to have some kind of musical genius. For this project as a side story I almost used the Media Editing lab and Vocal booth at the University of MaryWashington but when I got to the room someone was already using it. If we continue with the subject of Audio I would like to discover if there is any useful equipment that can be used.