Tell Us A Story Of The Wild West

Here is a story that does not leave room for imagination. Stories of the Wild West are ones of bravery and courage this is what it might be like to be during the time of the Pony Express…

Please excesses the lack of no how in this one this is my first time trying  Audacity so far it took me two hours just to learn how to do this small clip that is  suppose to be 60 seconds. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of time to take in-depth pictures but I was able to snag a few hopefully when I write I will accurately provide a description. This was a suggested Audio Assignment  (3 1/2 stars) !!!

So, the first thing I did was download Audacity to my mac book pro. This was simple all I did was follow the link the teacher had provided: . When I directed to the website I got a little freaked out because the website looks like a website that would download spam to a computer later I learned (from the Tutor) that most of the audio websites that are used for classes are just outdated. After downloading Audacity which was difficult because the prompt said to put the Audacity shortcut into the “Applications” folder on the computer and I had a hard time finding that. But, in the end I ended up finding the “Applications” folder by using the spyglass on my top bar (I call it finder but I am not sure what it is ). In addition to downloading Audacity I had to download a plug-in that would allow my files to be turned into MP3’S. The link to the download is “Here” this website look outdated to. Why don’t people bother to update their websites? I then tried to down load the third applications for sound recommend by our teacher and it looked like a terrible website so I decided then to go get help from  the tutoring center. The website by the way that I was trying to download was called FreeSound. With the tutor I created an account and then I had to activated the account using my yahoo email address. Using FreeSound is easy all you have to do to search for a song is to log into your account and then type what sound you want in the search box that is clearly marked. With instruction from the tutor I was able to go back and create my own work. Here are some of the steps you need to know to upload and create audio on Audacity:


  1.  Open Audacity (by clicking the short cut, it will end up looking like this when you open it up)


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.22.24 AM

2 . To Add a sound  go to the bar very top of the “Green” bar where their of options such as File, View ect. Select  “File” then “open” for the first sound.

3. To add a second sound go to the very top menu bar and select  File >Import> Audio (this I repeated several times)

(A screen shot I took during the process of making the audio)

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.24.31 PM


Even though the process is simple once I got the sounds imported I had to cut them and make sure that when one track ended another began again. I had a hard time figuring out how to cut a section and put it exactly where is should be. I wish I could have learned if it was possible switch tracks because I spent a lot of time deleting tracks because I didn’t want them in that order. Needless to say I had to delete all the sound that I had and began again from scratch. The one thing that I would do different for this project if I could go back and redo it would be to make the sounds that I imported longer or have a longer story to tell. I think the most neat thing about this project is I got to see what sound looks like. When I was  looking for sound of FreeSound I got really good at being able to look at the sound on the main page with out hearing it and realizing if it was what I needed or not.

The story I wanted to tell using sounds is the story of the Wild West during the period of the Pony Express. I think it is important that the Pony Express gets remembered because its was America’s First postoffice route. Men (most likely) who participate in the route had to be brave because their was a lot of danger and their lives were at risk every time they got on a horse to ride. People tend to forget about the small events that have occurred in our history.