I definitely feel like I am  wanted …not in a good way either

I am so glad this is my next to last assignment. It is from the Design Assignments, Missing Person assignment (4 stars). This took more time then I thought it would my biggest hold up was trying to find how to convert a “pdf” to a “jpg”. To start the project I had to create the “Flydolphin” picture then I created the poster (so essentially this project was  two parts.

Part 1

  1.  The first step I did was google a “Dolphin” photo and downloaded it to my computer  also googled “Fish fins” and downloaded a picture of “fins” to my computer
  2. I then opened I photo and uploaded the “Dolphin” picture and the “Fish” picture and cropped them.
  3. I moved the cropped version of the pictures to my desktop so I could access them.
  4. I opened photoflexer and uploaded the Dolphin picture by pressing “Upload”
  5.   I then uploaded the picture of the “Fish” by using the following steps “Load another photo>  Upload>open”
  6. Once the “Fish” was uploaded I went through the process of cropping it for its wings. I did this by the following steps pressing Gleek>Smart Cut then I followed the prompt. It asked the user to color in the place that the user wanted to keep. Then it asked the user to color in the places that the user did not want to keep. Then after that the user pressed “okay” if they were satisfied. I adjusted the wings and then saved the image to my computer.

Part 2

1. I then opened Microsoft word  by clicking on the icon (at the bottom of my screen). I then selected a “Blank” sheet.

2.  I then typed the following ” WANTED “Fly Dolphin”….Last Seen: 03/27/1996   Species: Mammals   Height: 6’ 6”   Weight: N/A  ….If Spotted Please Call “The Natural Wild Life Society”540-780-9990 USE CAUTION WHEN APPROACHING THIS ANIMAL MAY BE DANGEROUS.

3. I first saved it as a “docx” extension  then as a “Pdf” then I remembered it could only be a “jpg” file so I had to open gimp and save it as “jpg” extension.