How To….

I don’t care what people say about me I am always going be nervous around camera’s but who is not? This Video Assignment takes me on an adventure of how to make a How To video (4 1/2)  (very proud of myself because I am keeping up the  “4”‘s this week)

To produce this video I first did a little research on how to make a video on a mac computer (so embarrassing but some times you just need a little reminder). This is the video I watched:

As it came back to me I then researched “how to” tutorial’s to get an idea of what they were like . So I again searched on youtube for video’s below is a video of “How To Make A YouTube Video”. One of my concerns was that my video would have to have music in it, I guess it is not necessarily true.

So I took what I learned from those two videos and began to make my own. I opened up photo booth the video said to switch the photo mood to video mode which was easy because it was near the photo button. (See below)


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.30.08 PM


Next step to record in photo booth is to hit the red button ( see above the one that looks like a video camera). It usually the goes through a three step timer and then it starts recording.  I then attempted to upload my video to Vimeo, I logged on using my facebook credentials. Well I guess I can say I have had experiences of all experience I had to “Wait in Line” to get my video uploaded on Vimeo (see below):

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.44.49 PM

After 10 min the video finally appeared.

Movie on 7-14-16 at 1.00 PM from Adriel Brooks on Vimeo.


I do..what I do

Another great  Video Assignment this comes from the assignment  What Do You Do? this is worth (4 starts). My thinking is that it should be rated about 3 stars but that is just my personal opinion. I guess this is where I tell the story about what I do everyday, I actually think this is what every hopefully dose everyday, they take a shower !!

How did I make the video? well, I used my iphone to video record because it is portable .  I went into my bathroom and the first thing I did was see what 8 sec felt like. So I went into video mode on my phone then the I pressed the record button. I then restaged what I wanted in the video so it would actually look the way I wanted it to. Since I used my phone I was able to access the video through icloud. So I downloaded the video to my computer and I was able to uploaded it to youtube. To uploaded to youtube I had to open youtube in Google. Then I pressed the “upload”  button which is located in the right hand corner. Then I selected the video and dragged it to the open space that read ” Upload video”. I did reset some of the settings as I was saving it like for instance the category in which it was place into  or “What Kind” of video it is.

This is really my most favorite part of the day it either signifies the beginning of the day or a fresh start to a new one. I am so glad that I painted my nails before this one it makes the look like I have really nice feet.