A Pirate Scavenger Hunt for Treasure ……

I pretend it was at least …..(This is how I usually write on my blog part of the title becomes the introduction, usually something sassy I think it really shows my personality,my style  and it has become my personal trade mark) In the beginning was Chickfia or rather the “Chicken Hut” as we (me and my co-works) like to call it. God made man to work at the chicken Hut (Thought I would just add a little pun, but thats what it really feels like sometime). Anyway, I chose Chickfila because I knew I could find a lot of different things there. I knew also that if I chose Chickfila it would make homework twice as fun. Chickfila is our home away from home.

Of course Like all Chickfila it became exciting for everyone and everyone was egar to give help.The only thing I needed help with was my camera so I had to get someone to help me find the flash because it is so dark in kitchen. I like how my coworkers support and take an interest in what’s going on at school. I started looking for items after I had clocked off ,people where still rushing around so I kind of tried hard to stay out of their was as much as possible. I found objects easily but it was harder to get to them because I had to pay special attention to not getting in peoples way while they where working. After completing the challenge I felt a lot of relief the project for this week that seemed to be the most time consuming was over but at the same time I hoped more fun like this would come in the near future.

What photo’s where a success? I think they were in there own small way. For me when it comes to art and photography each work in it self is perfect and blemish free. The picture I liked the most though where the Ice Bucket, Have orange juice will spin (The spin off of : Have Spacesuit will Travel), Joy representation and Sweet and Sour (I think I just like that though because it holds so much meaning for me). Sweet and Sour is by far the most inventive and a great representation of what a work like is composed of.

I hope those that are looking on enjoy my work and my first gallery of photo’s !

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