Design Blitz

Tackling the Design Blitz was a no brainer and least that is what I try to tell myself. I think that finding the pictures where easy enough but writing about it is always going to be the tougher part of the job. I did’t take very many pictures so it dose not end up being a very exciting story, my adventure to me to three different places. University of MaryWashington was my first target on my list to hit I was looking at that time  for any type of Typography. After searching and looking around  at store signs I gathered that  basically stores either display some form of cursive writing or font that looks similar to  Times New Roman font. I only took a picture of the font that looks like it is in New Times Roman. I also while I was at the college took pictures that might represent metaphors (I really think that any object has real potential to be a metaphor).  Next my adventure to me to my work place where I discovered something really awesome. I discovered that the cups that we use for table makers where in the primary colors and their complementary colors (I mean the colors that if you put two of the primary color produce, I think that you call them complementary colors). I realized then why I liked being a server(the person that has to find the markers to deliver the food) and it came so easy to me it was  because calls out the artist in me  and I can see the colors for what they really are. I thought that was the greatest find of all in this Blitz and it  makes me feel smart because I was able to find something smart that the company had done to make our jobs a lot easier. Next I dropped in target there I found more symbols and metaphors on a anniversary card and a Target symbol . I am not sure if the card count because it is a card but it dose a slice of toast and a stick of butter symbolizing something. I was not sure if these where some of the things the instructions instructed us to look for or not. This might at the moment seem like a design bust but it is the real thing, I cant wait in the next post to show how effective the cups work because they are the primary colors…..Stay tuned

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