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And I am back again to turn what seems like a Design Bust to a Design Blitz. This time I get to upload the photos so that will help some with turning this silver project into gold. Incase the reader did not pick it up in the last post the elements of design where Typography, Color, Metaphors/Symbols and Proportion. These if you have not guess are the elements that I think are most important the whole design process.


wow, this is a huge photo I guess that means that this will be in fact the longest post this week so far. So this is the “Exit” sign that I took a picture of at MaryWashington College.  The sign is probably plastic and the color blue with white text this represents the element Typography. My best guess in the font my be closer to New Times Roman because it is so strait and that’s what New Times Roman is a strait kind of font. I think this sign was very well planned as far as the font and the coloring go. The font is effective because it is strait and can be clearly understood it helps the important message of an escape route to be clearly marked. If this was in any other font the person who is looking for an escape route would have a hard time reading quickly. Another element to consider that make the message clear to is that the type itself it is in all in capital letters this also helps with the visibility.


I think Colors are one of the most  important  elements of design , colors are able to  communicates how the author or creator is feeling. When there are bright colors the author is intending for a mood set toward happiness. If the colors are dark or pastel the author is trying to communicate a somber mood or occasion. In these pictures I was trying to capture just the basic primary colors, no meaning just the basics  origin of all colors.



These colors are so effective only because they are primary colors and those are the colors that our eyes catch easily. If they where any other colors our eyes would easily miss them or get them confused. I like to how the company actually thought about  what would be easy for the employee. This makes cuts down on our mistakes and makes service fast.


Finding a metaphors/symbols was harder for me because I had to find actual meaning in the picture I was taking. These were taken on campus (University of MayWashington). I personally found meaning and I am sure to that other people can related to this picture as well. I find that this was a true metaphors/symbols because the light for was evoking.  I capture the brightness at the 


the beginning which as the pathway continues the reader can see that it darkens and then further away it is light. That I think anyway is the greatest life metaphors/symbol. I also took not that metaphors/symbol could be in the form of logos to (so there are essentially two types of metaphors/symbol). As you can see below when I was at target there where letting there signs speak for themselves and replace actual words. Which are only effective because they are in bright colors and in places (at the store) where they can be seen.


This is a bonus picture I was not going to add this until my dialogue actually took me in the actual direction as if this picture was meant to be in this blog. Anyway, it was a sign and it read “Only at (the target sign).com.


Proprotion seems to be important mostly to the sale’s industry is important to design to? Yes, as a matter of fact it does these picture below demonstrate how proportion effect the way we view something. For instance, as you can see these are vacuums when something is put in front our senses tell us that this object is more important than the others. Proportion creates a sense of scale and depth to objects. 


Also, the picture below gives us the idea that using proportion can gives a feeling of having the best thing first.  Having the ability to have a choice of where the eye is focused is a powerful tool and element of proportion.





















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