I  guess this is it, the last post for ds106. I feel that I have been tremendously blessed to have taken this class and blessed with such knowledge for the future.


This week the “Gif” was pretty challenging because I had forgotten most of the steps that it takes to create one. I had assistance from the Digital Knowledge Center, and was pleased that I didn’t have to drive all the way to campus to get help. All I did was call the Hurley Convergence Center number which is 540-654-1150 and asked to be transferred to the Digital Knowledge Center. Being able to have access to the Digital Knowledge Center has made a huge difference for me actually passing or failing the class. The tutors are world class!  When I went to them for the first time my head was spinning and everything was confusing.  The tutor I worked with was calm and clear headed and seemed to have knowledge of the assignments. He explained clearly and spurred my confidence that I would surely make it through the class.

In this class I learned a lot about myself.  I can actually follow directions for a project. Most of the time I just need to have enough patience with myself and the project. I discovered that there are multiple types of media that I can use, I should’t limit myself to one hosting site or just one program to record. Having so many options can lead to better pieces of art or media, where one program lacks another program may fill in.  Also, learning to “Read” movies in detail seemed like a good take away because now I have a full understanding what to look for in videos and how to control views, emotions and create symbolism for a perfect touch. If I have to create a video for school or just for fun I understand how to get the best results so my cinematography displays the knowledge and understanding that I have learned in this class. From my perspective, the more I study (of Digital learning ) the better I will be. Not all art is perfect and a great example is when (not to long ago) I created  a radio bumper. (see below for Assignment Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper)

I thought it was one of my most horrible creations, but Tyler Gimple replied: Interesting radio bumper. The attention to detail used in this bumper is impressive. Good work for working at it for 2+ hours!  I am convinced I can walk away and rest assured that I have increased my skill sets from this class. I wish I could have had the opportunity ( time wise) to take the 16 week class.





You summary page should be a link to your tutorials and to your final story and a reflections on everything you learned this semester.

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