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I read an article by Massimo Vignell was called  The Vignelli Canon . Let me just says that this article was really down my ally. The teach said to give no quotes but it is so hard say anything without quoting true words of a real artist. She also said that only some of information is not relevant but I so absolutely not , every word that he said was relevant. As I was reading it I gathered information that I had either forgotten about Graphic Design, just not understood about design or not known.

The Vignelli Cannon

Massimo Vignell made a great connections for me personally in this article, he connected me to the true meaning of Design. He started out talking about what real art is because very few people understand that concept. He declared that he had always thought of it as a form of communication where by everybody could understand the meaning of art conveyed. Massimo goes on to interpolate what the word “Design” really means in relationship to the word “Graphic Design”. The interpolation was that it is a discipline that controls phrases and articulations of a language (consistency is important and plays a major roll). It cant take on many meanings but in this instance it would have to do with graphics which includes all of the follow and more, typefaces, text illustrations, ect. He goes on to talk about element that are necessary to keep communication open. Suggestion to keep communication of art as follows clear and concise, disciplined ( consistent), and appropriate (relevant). In this way Graphic Design is kept for being ambiguous. Graphic Design can be displayed (have meaning) in  all kinds of ways  from powerful to timeless. There is also a certain responsibility that comes along with Design when we are creating if for clients and the work of art itself (I think this goes without saying). I thought it was interesting that even there is a responsibility to protect the integrity and the originality of a design. In the end everything is taken into consideration to bring for a more clear communicative  form or art whether it be a website or just a work of art. Every elements has its part to play.

Additional Thoughts

I think I have left a lot out about myself, I original was a Art major and for a time. I eventually Crossed over to Graphic Design major after I was  not be able to find a job in that field I crossed again over to an Information System major. Over the years I have  seen the magnificent work of design in a variety of fields. This commentary on Graphic design has changed my view on art and how we define it. I really had no idea that Design itself was a language so I think it is safe to say that


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