Learn that’s what we do…

I gained a lot of skill this week never in my life have I attempted to be a Dj of sorts or just play around with music. Learning the software Audacity was a big take away for me in all my years of being an artist I had never taken the time to be creative with music or rather just sound. I thought it was neat how you are able to stack one sound on top of the other or attach one sound to another and make one long running one. I also didn’t know that there was a website that people could find different sounds. Just goes to prove that even when you thought that you had learned all you can learn there is more to be learned.

I guess I am suppose to know which blog this came from just another instance of me not paying attention. This was really helpful but I really did’t get the results that I was looking for.


For the most part I was met with a lot of success and I really don’t have any complaints. I am just wondering what I did wrong because I did visit other peoples sites and I think I have an interesting blog. I guess my real question would be how many people are “actually” (actually being the key word) participating in the class. It seems to me like a whole lot of people signed up for this class but are not actually participating. Which makes my job a lot harder, but it might just be me too. Maybe someone will comment and I will get an answer!!

I think the work this week has been very manageable I am not sure I guess till I get my grade for this week. I think I have made progress in my writing so I am very thankful I went from not writing on the Daily Creates to writing descriptions I am pretty proud of myself.

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