Weekly Refection #1

There is a lot of information that has been handled during this week, most of it to me was overwhelming at first. But, I got the hang of it as the week progressed. I have learned so much about media and it’s uses. I can’t wait to learn more !!

One of the first question that us students where ask to reflect on was “How well did we feel like we completed the requirements of this week’s assignments”. My smart answer would be not as well as I know I will be able to complete in the future. With these kinda of “Full Blast” running starts I tend to be hesitant (mainly shy) in the first weeks but I always make up for it because I will “come out of my shell” by the second week. I will understand better what the teacher is asking of me and what the teachers motivations are behind what she is trying to teach as a whole. I tried even though I was not feeling to confident to complete them to the best of my understanding. I even attended tutoring a couple of times, those guys are genius especially spencer.

From the following paragraph the reader can probably would gather that there was definitely some form of trouble. I struggled with the language of the instructions to set up a website. Setting up Word Press and understanding what page leads to what other page was confusing. All things aside if you can over come those main things (which by the way are important) then everything else comes easily enough.  I think I enjoyed most using the new photo manipulation program photo flexer. I have always struggled with those kinds of programs, but I overcame my urge to quit with curiosity and determination to persevere so I can be at the very least a simi- pro at manipulation by the end of this course. So far I have learned to manipulate a photo using flexer and I am able to smooth “blemishes” to make them appear none nonexistent or at least smoothed over.

There is not much I would do differently, I hardly regret anything I do. That may sound bad on the surface but I believe that every work that we do is planed by Gods. So every work becomes a beautiful master pieces no matter the out come. I did panic a little and thats why I decided to go to the tutoring center (I still am amazed by how well the tutors helped me) In the next coming week I will again be returning  to the tutoring center because I have a question about links and how to set up websites. Some of the students websites that I saw had links across the top and thats how I want my website to look (My work in progress)

I currently don’t have larger issues surrounding my work. As far as I know I am on the same page with everyone else. (I guess that is left to be determined by the teacher)

Here are some of the assignment that I completed this week

  1. A link to a mutlimodel introduction blog post
  2. Commentary of Customizing your blog and Commentary on Setting Up your Domain and Social media
  3. A link to a reflection about all the material you viewed/read about visuals of storytelling
  4. A link to your Photo Safari
  5. A link to your Photore flection and A link to your reflection on the photo safari
  6.  Links to 3 Daily Creats – Daily Create #1Daily Create #2  and Daily Creation #3
  7. Links to 4 different visual assignment – #1 , #2 , #3 and #4

All these assignments as a whole bring home the message that I am a little rusty on my technology. It also taught me that you can go out of your comfort  zone and just may be you will able to find a new techniques. As I get older I seem to forget that technology races as the speed of light everyday new programs are being created and its time that I go and conquer at least some !!

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