How People Travel In One Day!

Another exciting adventure and another great fail, I don’t know I feel like I should have opened up with this famous quote from the newest Batman movie where the butler as Batman why do we fall. You know the seance where he goes  (Abert) Why do we fall master Bruce  (Batman) so we can pick ourselves back up again. The Are We There Yet  (3 stars)  assignment was going to be “The Assignment Of The Week” at lest for me. I feel short by all lot. I may get docked because I didn’t document most of the process because I did it with my tutor. Learning gimp for the first time is really hard and if I use ti again I will have to read up on it some more.  This is the original picture that I took with me in it:



This was taken at the end of the summer-ish of last year, it was the social event for the summer. The company is good like that we usually have two or three outings a year where we go do things together. This year instead of going to Bush Gardens we (leadership) had decided to have a cookout. I am pretty sure that was the year to that we had the  Frosted Lemonade  contest to see who could sell the most regionally. Needless to say we sold the most  Frosted Lemonade they where sure raving about us that summer . He got won a curse and  we got a party, GoodTimes !!

Back to talking about the actual process, so that was my (1st place I was in). The actual process started by me uploading This picture Gimp:


Another long story, this happened two year or so ago wow “The Boys” are so grown up now. Once a year the Chickfila Truck (That’s right corporate has a van that is converted into a small kitchen) comes to celebrate veterans in our area. They give away free chicken sandwiches to vets and their families (to bad fires can be held properly right?). These are our boys holding down the fort with a good pose. This was going to be the second place except I really got stumped on the cutting part.

So back to the process, so I uploaded this to Gimp. The tutor showed me how to cut (which upon leaving there I have already forgotten) using the magic wand and the “cut” option. Turned out okay until I decided to forget how to use it and now I am stuck with this as my finishing project (which I am not very proud of ) at the moment:


“Don’t worry bathing suits are appropriate at all times especially if your just grabbing a quick photo it does not take much to travel in one day!”

In the end my vision was to have me standing behind the sink which would require me to cut some of my leg off and position it more to the right.  I want to talk about something that I sometimes think about when I am creating art or creating something in general. Some times the vision of what I have in my head and whats not on the paper drives me crazy because I have not reached its full potential. The question is really at what a point in a projects (weather it be graphic or art’s)has it reached it’s true potential or the decision to  “Let it Go”  is the best option because that’s the way it “Should Be” am I the only one who thinks like this tell me I am not crazy? I am sure some has the answer out there !!

I learned that I probably need to be more diligent about keeping notes about what he is teaching me. These notes need to be eligible and kept in one place. My mom is always warning me about keeping notes but sometimes a person is just in a rush. I think even though I was not successful at this project I learn something and that should get a good grade right?




2 thoughts on “How People Travel In One Day!

  1. Hi Adriel! I really liked your assignment and execution! Well done. I think you may have struggles a bit with what I did as well. Using software or trying to situate a part of an image into another can be quite challenging! I definitely realized I needed to play around with my software for quite some time to get the hang of it. It is all a learning process though!

    • What program are you using? some are easier then others I kinda switch between Photoflexer and Gimp. Have you tried any of those?

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