Visual Assignments #1…. Family Friendly BillBoard

The Story:

This was my first Visual  Assignment so it was more like an experimentI tried to read a  “Family Friendly Billboard”

A Tutorial

I first  had to look for the billboard I googled : Downloadable Billboards. I found the billboard I liked and downloaded it to my computer.  I then used a photo from Iphoto (I have a mac if you had not already guessed) for my picture on the billboard. I uploaded using  PhotoFlexer  (This is a free program that was suggested that was free without a download). You are then allowed with the program to upload another photo so I did that. I then used the  “Gleek” button that allow for “smart cutout” (There version of “smart” I guess). There is a prompted to help you along in the process. After the process was over I was left with the cut down version of my face.

Concusion :

Even though I did not complete this Assignment I learned a lot from it. When I first saw the assignment I thought it was an super easy one. Turns out that I learn probably the most I have in a while. I learned that you really need to read and follow directions. Reading the instructions is a challenge because I am very visual. I first tried  as the instructions suggested to try one of the photo editors that some one had previously

The Picture


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