Visual Assignments #2 ………Here Kitty Kitty ? or Not !!

Here Kitty Kitty….

The Story:

This was my second Visual  Assignment. I chose this assignment because I love animals and I love seeing how they would look if they had different parts from another  animals.

A Tutorial

I first  had to look for a basic picture of a horse so I googled : Downloadable horse Pictures (by know you probably notice picture is going to come from the internet) . I found a horse picture  I liked and downloaded it to my computer. I then repeated the process and but this time searching for dragon wings (I downloaded the wings also to my computer). I uploaded the horse picture using  PhotoFlexer  (This is a free program that was suggested that was free without a download). I then repeated the process but this time uploading the dragon wings .  I then used the  “Gleek” button that allow for “smart cutout” (There version of “smart” I guess) to trim the wings. There is a prompted to help you along in the process. After the process was over I was left with the cut down version of the wings. I then adjusted the wings to fit on the horses back…

…..And there you have it how a Dragon Horse came to be !!!!

The Picture

FotoFlexer_Here Kitty Kitty

Concusion :   This is the best one so far. I used Photo Flexer to create manipulate the look of the wings. The insertion looks nearly perfect, I think that Photo Flex works perfect. My goal is by the end of the course understand the functions of  PhotoFlexer and use it to advantage me, I can use this skill for my personal blog.


2 thoughts on “Visual Assignments #2 ………Here Kitty Kitty ? or Not !!

  1. Love the edit on this. I have personally never used Photo Flexer but it looks like it works well and the final product turns out great. Definitely going to test it out next week!

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