Visual Assignments #3 ………Your Very Own Spubble More Like Bubble

The Story:

Create Your Very Own Spubble (View Here). In this assignment I decided to go out on my own and look for the perfect “Bubble Maker”. This picture was taken the day the me and the sister in law decided we where going to be adventurous ..ya! only lasted two seconds !!!

A Tutorial

I did not find the perfect “Bubble Maker” but I did find a phone app that works. I used  Bubble – Speech Bubbles & Photo Editing  Comic Maker adds Text Captions to Pictures for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram By Toto Ventures Inc.  It worked Okay there was not a lot of choice in the size of bubbles and the bubbles where difficult to manipulate. I would use app only in a real pinch, by the way using your iPhone dose not count as cheating I can’t help that is the way the world is going…Can I ?

The Picture


(That is me in the background always having something to say)

Concusion : Don’t do bubbles on your phone I think its a really bad idea. I think creating bubbles are okay for people who know photoshop and own an Ipads. I only think this because it was really tough to manipulate a bubble on a small screen.





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  1. If you’re having trouble finding software that can add speech and thought bubbles to your pictures try lunapic online. That’s what I used. It’s pretty straight forward! I have a tutorial on my site on how to use it!

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