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In the podcast “Falling” (The Truth Podcast) the producers used a lot of sound effects in the podcast. Audio techniques included sounds of trains, lifting , sound a person falling ect. In the first few minutes of this podcast I could not really understand what was going on  either it was the sound effects were not clear or some were missing. As much as I can figure in the first part it was when the heroine saved the guy from the on coming train? I am not even sure how that  scene played out. I think that kinda of set the whole tone and its the question I had to ask myself through the whole podcast. Also I didn’t like how the producer displayed their voice as if they where having a conversation in the background, to me they where kind of echo-ie in a way but far away as well. I think this makes the story less effect I had to think several time what kind of setting they were in because it sound like they where in a room but far away. This effect also makes the audience confused  and always lagging behind in the story plot.

In this broadcast/podcast there was not a lot of  sound effects it was more dialogue between people. I think that the producer could have improved on the sound effect in two areas to make the scene more believable . One of those scenes is when he was dreaming and when there was a fire in the restaurant.  I liked how the producer, produced the star I think it was accurate and a correct  betrayal of how a depressed person would have acted. I think though on the other hand the producer should have integrated the personality of the wife she kind seemed one dimensional, more wound effect would have made her seem more real in the production.

Probably one of my favorites I just can’t figure out why that guy at that leadership training indicates that Chickfila sucks because they don’t pay well. Employees that are not sold out to the company suck! This podcast also is more dialogue then actual sounds, I think with less sound effects the message was less effective. The message being that “It is okay to say no to a career you don’t want even if people peer pressure into it its your life do with it as you want”. From scene to scene it was hard to determine where the character was which made the story line very difficult to follow.

All in all I feel like these podcast where well put together there where some of the podcast lacked sound effect. I feel like these stories are lacking in story line as well, I have listened to podcast before (with sound effects) so I have a pretty good idea of what they should sound like and what is a good podcast and whats not a good podcast.

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  1. Do you think that because of these podcasts you will use more sound effects and less dialogue? And how do you think you will personally try to make yourself sound more real? I too like when the hosts sound like actual human beings versus like they’re reading off a script or something!

  2. I listened to “Falling” as well and I thought it was interesting what you said about the woman appearing more one-dimensional than the rest of the characters through the sound effects they used. I agree with you, but I think if you elaborated more it would be even better! I think its important to call out whenever someone gets lazy in their characterization of females in mixed medias. I liked how you analyzed the sound effects as a whole in this particular episode. Great job!

    • Its really hard to explain what I mean about a one-dimensional I guess it was more of I felt like there was not a lot of “life” to that character. I guess you could call it lazy on the producers part because that the person who wrote the story?

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